Quarterly Dues Invoice for July Will Be Reissued to Reflect Adjustment for Missed Meeting Opportunities

When we issued dues invoices late last week, we didn't make an adjustment for meetings missed due to the pandemic. An adjustment is on the way.

We were optimistic that we could resume a "normal" meeting schedule and sent a "normal" invoice. Given the rise in coronavirus cases, we have made the decision to return to Zoom meetings only for August, so we are reissuing the July invoices to account for those three missed meeting opportunities as well as three in-person meetings we anticipated in May and June that didn't happen that way.

Much like your May invoice, where we provided a credit for six cancelled in-person meetings, the revised July invoice will do the same - with a $95 credit off of quarterly dues of $285. This credit will be applied to all non rule of 85 members to compensate them for the reduced meal costs in the second quarter. The net dues for the quarter will be $190. As you can see, we are in a time of uncertainty – and while we hope to resume in-person meetings in September (with a Zoom option), we will be carefully monitoring the pandemic situation and make decisions accordingly.

Should we need to continue on Zoom for longer than anticipated, we will calculate appropriate credits for future bills.

Thanks to those of you who have already paid your July dues. We will reflect this credit on your October dues, unless you prefer to receive a check refund now. If you do want a check, please send an email to our Treasurer, Josh Podczervinski, at

We apologize for any inconvenience and promise we will monitor this carefully going forward. We value each and every one of you and are committed to making your Rotary experience the best that we can.

Please let me know if I may answer any questions on this matter.



Posted by Ardy Bastien
July 22, 2020