District Training Assembly


Rotary Club of Dunwoody

March 24, 2018 8:00 am— 1:00 pm

District 6900 training assembly to be held in Columbus GA. Carpools will leave at ~6AM from Dunwoody to arrive in Columbus GA by 7:45 AM. Sessions end at 1 PM at which time Club members will gather at a local restaurant for lunch and then start the drive back to Atlanta. Should be back in Atlanta between 4 PM and 4:30 PM.


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Rick Otness03/19/2018 3:35 AMHoshi DaruwallaRotarianmissing
Cathie Brumfield03/13/2018 1:31 PMCathie BrumfieldRotarianmissing
Rick Woods03/13/2018 5:39 AMRick WoodsRotarianmissing
Erich Schuetz03/12/2018 10:38 PMErich SchuetzRotarianmissing
Rick Otness03/12/2018 5:55 PMRick OtnessRotarianmissing