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2017-2018 Polio Fund Raising

The Club is seeking $20,000 in donations to help "End polio" from Businesses and Individuals. Click on the "Contribute" button on screen, and you will be taken to our donation page.


Title 1 Book Program

The Title 1 Book Program has become an annual service project for the Rotary Club of Dunwoody. This year we are expanding to include a second Title 1 school.

Students in K-3 learn to read while students in grades 4-12 read to learn. Those that don't learn to read early begin to fall behind and don't catch up to their contemporaries. This results in students not realizing their full potential.

We stimulate the "learning to read" process by providing students with a book of their own. For many these are the only books that they own. A student accumulates 6 books in their personal library going from K thru 5th. We believe this ownership to be a factor in not only learning to read but also enjoying to read.

The objective is to provide a new "age appropriate" book for each of the ~1,800 students in grades K through 5 at Dresden and Kingsley Elementary schools. Books are purchased in bulk to save money. A Rotary meeting is used (utilizing 60+ Dunwoody Rotarians) to insert labels inside each book so that the students can write their name, signifying ownership. Then a contingent of Rotarians deliver the books and, on a separate day, goes back to the school to receive hand written Thank You notes from the students.

In addition, students who take the initiative to read more books than just the one given will receive an award pin at the end of the school year provided by RCD.