Atlanta Rotaract Club Support and Partnership

We have had an outstanding year partnering with the Atlanta Rotaract Club in many activities, and hosting several events every month for professional, service, and social growth. Warren Turner, our Rotaract Advisor, with David Gordon, has been assisting their efforts this year. The strategic partnership between Rotaract and the RCD culminated in a number of successful club events, including leading the Shark Tank event at GRSP Program Conference, encouraging GRSP students to become engaged in fostering community service projects. Rotaract members were also a major volunteer center at RunDunwoody 2016. And, we are currently working with them in preparation for the coming Governor's Ball, where they become major contributors to the technology needs of the live and silent auction events throughout the evening. Our club partnership with the Atlanta Rotaract club includes a collaborative whereby we promote each other activities, and provide support in the form of leadership, participation, and funding (approximately $500/year).


Club Communications, News, Web, Facebook

Rotary Club of Dunwoody Club communications utilized the following media sources:

  • Bulletin Brief - produced weekly by Club President, on each Wednesday, to highlight Friday Speaker or Event
  • Weekly Bulletins - promoted programs and activities to members and guests.
  • Club Website administered using ClubRunner (July-October) then we migrated to - we use the website for members and guests to communicate with each other and see upcoming programs
  • RunDunwoody Site - promotes annual community fund raiser
  • Club Facebook site - Rotary Club of Dunwoody - another way to reach the public
  • Submitted an ad for every new club member to the Dunwoody Crier - local newspaper
  • Had articles published on programs and volunteer activities
  • Submitted Articles to the ACJ
  • Club Brochure

In addition every member was engages in promotion the good works of Rotary in our community.

We thank Dottie Toney, PR Director, and Eleni Bafas for all the work they have done this year to keep rotary and Dunwoody in the public face.


Dennis Crean Laws of Life Essay Contest

This Fall, 2016, Marie Crean, presented a $100,000 check to the Rotary International Foundation from the Estate of Dennis M. Crean. Dennis was a member of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody, GA for the past 20 years and was a friend of many. On behalf of the Crean family, Marie writes, "The Rotary members are our extended family and were a tremendous support at Dennis's passing. Our family is grateful to be able to support the work of Rotary around the world." The bequest will establish the Dennis M. and Marie A. Crean Endowment Fund in support of Disease Prevention and Treatment.

Each year Rotarian George Stewart and a team of approximately 15 volunteers ensure financial support for scholarships for the Laws of Life Essay Contest in our area schools. The Dennis Crean weekly raffle funds the scholarship drawings each week, and George coordinates the volunteers in our club to support the essay contest submission readings. The winners of the local contest read their essays at a club program in May.


Dresden Elementary Holiday Book Project

Our District Grant ($1,500) for 2016-2017 enabled our Rotary Club of Dunwoody to continue providing a book for each child at the Title School, Dresden Elementary. A Literacy and Education project, 1,200+ books were purchased, prepared with Rotary labels, and distributed to K-5 students prior to the year-end holidays. The school is in an economically challenged area and this one special opportunity allows the children to have a book of their own. We have over 60 Rotarians gather at a meeting in Fall, 2016, to assemble the books, and place Rotary name plates and Character Counts bookmarks in each book to be distributed. This is the seventh year that students at Dresden have been receiving a book from the Rotary Club of Dunwoody. Then, for our Holiday Luncheon in December, we invite the Dresden Elementary School Choir to sing for this great event, and then treat them all to a Pizza Party upon their return to campus.


Dunwoody High School Interact Club & RYLA

Dunwoody High School Interact Club - This growing club at Dunwoody High School, sponsored by the RCD and lead by our Membership Chair, David Gordon, Warren Turner, and Carol Gage has a membership of 30+ students. The club currently meets twice a month on Thursday mornings in their lead teacher Ms. Mary Sturkin's classroom. The Interact students serve as volunteers at one our major fundraising events, RunDunwoody. They also assist with our Stop Hunger Now Project at GRSP weekend. The club currently receives no direct funding from RCD; however, the RCD does sponsor the participation of at the 2017 Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) for six Dunwoody High School Interact Students. There they will meet many new friends and participate in leadership building and conflict resolution activities. We would like to give a special thanks to RYLA director Susan Ruckman for coordinating this event.


Dunwoody Salutes America Independence Day Parade - 4th of July Parade, Float, & Hot Dog Stand

This Family of Rotary Event, with tremendous support from club members (27 volunteers) as well as family and friends (an additional 15 volunteers), provides an opportunity for our Rotary team to come together early in the Rotary year in support of this great community event. And, a large turn out of Dunwoody Rotarians sends a huge signal to the community about our club's commitment to service and to the Community of Dunwoody. It also offers us an opportunity to increase the community's awareness of Rotary's gifts to the community and the world.

Over a two day period, these 42 volunteers (approximately 25% of club members, plus spouses) decorated our Parade Float, walked with this float in the parade, created a Rotary Booth, helped to sell approximately $1,000 in baked goods (donated by club members), sodas, chips, and hot-dogs. Our parade was prepared in a MASH theme, with "End Polio Now" as the centerpiece, with participants dressed as MASH doctors tending to patients in a military trailer. It was a great way to celebrate the anniversary of our nation's independence and an excellent way to kick off our Great New Rotary Year!

Purpose: Bonding with the Community, recruiting membership and promoting RunDunwoody


Early Reading Program at Woodward Elementary- A Rotary Literacy Service Project

The Rotary Club of Brookhaven invited the Rotary Clubs of North Atlanta, South DeKalb, Dunwoody, and Decatur, to join in an initiative to help Pre-K and Kindergarten students at Woodward Elementary by "reading to learn" by 3rd grade. With the support of a Rotary District Grant and partnering with the Ferst Foundation, together we are supporting this goal through book donations and reading monthly to ten kindergartner and three Pre-K classes at Woodward Elementary. Throughout this year, we'll donate more that 3,000 books to 248 students, read to 13 classes monlthly and equip parents with book specific multi-lingual reading guides to use at home. This early reading project is helping students "learn to read" and learn to love to read, so that by the time they reach third grade they will be "ready to learn" through reading. The Rotary Club of Dunwoody is excited to partner with our Sister Clubs to help promote this great project in 2016 - 2107, and look forward to continuing this partnership in 2017-2018,


Family of Rotary Event - Hosting District Governor, Club Meeting, and Dinner

On July 22, District Governor Raymond Ray visited the Rotary Club of Dunwoody, and spoke to our membership about his priorities for 2016 - 2017, including education, childrens' health, and a passion for Rotary. Then, just following our regular 7:15 - 8:30 am meeting, DG Raymond Ray met with our BOD to hear their "hopes and plans" for 2016 - 2017, and to allow for discussion of these plans.

Just prior to the club visit, DG Raymond Ray attended a dinner in his honor, at the home of Cathy Brumfield. This dinner is planned yearly for our new District Governor, to allow him/her to meet and socialize with the Rotary Club of Dunwoody BOD, Past Presidents, and Assistant Governors and their spouses. This year we hosted 35+ attendees, with Ardy and Lydie Bastien serving as planners and co-hosts of this dinner.


Georgia Rotary Student Program - Hosting GRSP Leadership Weekend

In January, 2017, our club hosted 46 International students for our annual GRSP Leadership Weekend over the MLK Weekend. This event partnered with our sister clubs and GRSP, began on Friday, January 14 with a visit to the Center for Civil and Humane Rights, followed by a Family of Rotary evening diner event at Sling Shot. Our sister clubs include the Rotary Club of Atlanta, Rotary Club of Brookhaven, Rotary Club of Buckhead, and the Rotary Club of North Atlanta. Then, on the following Saturday, the GRSP students were hosted at Oglethorpe University by Past President Larry Hart, for a lecture series entitled "Fierce Conversations." In the afternoon, we hosted a Stop Hunger Now Project event that brought together the GRSP Students, many of our club members, Rataract, Family of Rotary Student hosts and District 6900 North Atlanta Weekend Partners, volunteering to package approximately 10,000 meals that feed a family for a week internationally.

That evening, all enjoyed home hosted dinners, where the 26 families hosting the 46 GRSP students attending this weekend, gathered at four Rotary homes for fun and fellowship. Then, on Sunday, the Atlanta Rataract Club coordinated an exercise for GRSP students similar to "Shark Tank."

A portion of our District Grant supported the Stop Hunger Now Project. We accomplished this weekend project with approximately 25 Rotary host family volunteers and 160 volunteer hours.

Total funds spent for the project was $13,633. That amount was raised from: a District Grant ($1,500), 5 clubs participating (Buckhead $1,000, Brookhaven $1,000, Atlanta $3,478 and Decatur $500 and North Atlanta $500) , GRSP ($2,500) and RCD ($3,155).

Our goal - to make this "the best weekend ever."


Georgia Rotary Student Program - Hosting GRSP Student

This program complements the unique and successful Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) of which our club is very involved. This year, the Rotary Club of Dunwoody hosted Marc Barros Gevers from Durban, South Africa. He is being hosted by Membership Director David Gordon and his wife, Judy.

Marc graduated from high school at Thomas Moore, a private Roman Catholic School. He then studied engineering for two and a half years before deciding it was not for him. He then changed to law and is now eighteen months study away from his law degree.

He has enjoyed his year of study at Oglethorpe supported by the Rotary Club of Dunwoody. When he first joined us in America, Fall 2016, we held a welcome party at the home of Bill and Leslie Worlfin, with 30+ club attendees, with spouses.


Global Grant - Rotarians for Family Health & Aids Prevention in Ghana

Our Global Grant Project in the Fall of 2016 provided $5,000 support for Family Health Days in Ghana, supporting Ghana Rotarians treating 50,000+ Ghanaians in October, 2016. The Grant was presented in partnership with the Rotary Club of Johnson City, TN, and District 7570. PDG and RFFA Executive Director, Alicia Michael, and Dunwoody Rotarian, Marion Bunch, Past Executive Director of RFFA, led the charge in the recruitment of sponsorship for this project.

Our second Global Funds Donation, an additional $5,000, provided much needed support directly to RFHA Rotarians for Family Health and Aids Prevention, Inc., serving 650,000 people, in five countries (South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and India) and an estimated 6,000 local Rotary volunteers throughout the 2016 - 2017 service year, with an estimated budget need of $1,350,000.

The primary goal of the program is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for all family members in the marginalized population groups in these five countries. The RFHA Program is sustainable by the very nature of the services it provides - - sustainable immunizations and vaccines, education in nutrition, diabetes and how to use malaria- treated bed nets. Also, HIV and other disease testing and family counseling efforts are provided with follow-up by NGO partners for those that test positive.


Holiday Luncheon and End-Of-The-Year Award Dinner

The primary purpose of these two Family of Rotary events, the Holiday Luncheon and the End-Of-The-Year Awards Dinner, is to first nominate (December) then install (June) the new leadership team for 2017-2018, to recognize club and member achievements throughout the year, and bring the club members together with time to network and to build relationships.

At the Holiday Luncheon, we host the Dresden Elementary choir members, and enjoy their great performance and provide many donations of toys to Toys for Tots, with members of USMC attending our luncheon as very special guests. We also use the occasion to recognize contributions to the Rotary Foundation and the GRSP Foundation.

We are looking forward to our end of the year Awards Dinner at the end of June. Both events are held at the Dunwoody Country Club.


Junior Achievement Peachtree Charter Middle School - Biz Town and Finance Park

Seventeen Dunwoody Rotarians volunteered over a two day period to support the Peachtree Charter Middle School students participating in the JA vocations experience at Atlanta Biz -Town. Financial support for this project from RCD was $5,000 helping to make the JA Discovery Center learning opportunity available to 100 of the 1,056 6th and 7th grade students served from Peachtree Middle School (an estimated cost of $50.00/student participant).

The overall purpose of JA is to inspire and prepare students to thrive in today's economy - (an inportant goal that Dunwoody Rotarians have embraced for 15 years). Two programs being offered to middle school students at PCMS are JA Biz Town and JA Finance Park.

JA Biz Town creates a unique opportunity where middle school students interact within a simulated macro-economy, taking on the role of employee, tax payer, and consumer. JA Finance Park provides middle school students with the opportunity to experience their personal financial futures first hand. Both experiences align with one of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody's three priority areas of service - "education." And, this project helps to build upon the Club's partnership with two important community partners - Peachtree Charter Middle School and Junior Achievement of Georgia.


Monroe Park Service Project

The Rotary Club of Dunwoody has "adopted" a traffic island across the street for the Dunwoody branch of the DeKalb Public Library. Fred Bounds, a long time member of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody, has charged this project since 2011. Four to six volunteers meet approximately six times a year to weed, trim, sweep, and lay down pine straw, or as we say "spruce up Monroe Park."


Peachtree Charter Middle School -Quiz bowl and Dekalb Special Olympics Middle School Basketball Tournament

Rick Otness, along with 5 other Dunwoody Roatarians, leads this effort of coaching Peachtree Charter Middle School students for area Quiz Bowl Competitions over a period of 15 weeks. This activity culminates in a club program when PCMS students compete against Dunwoody Rotarians at a weekly club meeting - PCMS is usually the winner!

Ten Dunwoody Rotarians and spouses serve as volunteers and officials for the DeKalb county Special Olympics held at Peachtree Middle School. The event is held in PCMS's gym in late October. Sixteen teams of special needs kids participate from a dozen schools. Rotarians act as scorekeepers, ball chasers, and most importantly as cheerleaders.


Rotary Club of Dunwoody Grants Committee 2016 - 2017

With the funds raised in Fall 2016, at RunDunwoody and those raised in Spring of 2016 at the Governor's Ball, the club appoints a Grants Committee to determine our club donations to request from local community and world wide project leaders. To date, for 2016 - 2017, we have approved the following projects applied for by club members:

  • Air Guatemala - $2,580
  • Back Pack Project, Inc.- $1,600
  • Dunwoody Nature Center - $3,000
  • Perimeter College & Georgia State University (scholarships for Heath care students) - $2,500



Dunwoody Rotarians propelled the club to the Winner's Circle Sunday, October 16, as the Rotary Club of Dunwoody welcomed runners, spouses, and guests to the 7th annual RunDunwoody - Rotary Race to Serve. RunDunwoody is the Rotary Club of Dunwoody's signature community event in which RCD engages others (runners, spouses, community partners and guests) in Rotary Service. RunDunwoody is first an opportunity for Dunwoody Rotarians to increase Rotary awareness within the community (as defined by the reach of our members) and engage others in Rotary's mission of Service Above Self. It is also a focal point for fostering Rotarian relationships among members and with runners, sponsors, community partners, and the business community. Finally, RunDunwoody is a source of funds to help RCD to extend its service reach locally and globally, and a source of pride for all RCD members. Each leadership participant shares responsibility for making this vision a reality.

Some highlights from this picture perfect fall morning include:

  • Enthusiastic feedback from runners, sponsors and guests (800+ participants, 450+ runners) about the venue, cool t-shirts and 5K race route.
  • Extensive financial support - $35,000 from 20 area business sponsors and 14 local "Friends of the Race".
  • $14,000+ from Runner Registrations. With an approximate $26,000 of expense, the net from this event provided approximately $25,000 for use in support of local and global projects.
  • Tot Trot and Kids Zone
  • Cool new t-shirts and our favorite DJ Chris Campbell... Good Food...Winning Smiles and lots of fun.

All activities are focused on creating a "best ever" race day experience for all.


State of the City Project

Rotary Club of Dunwoody is an in-kind sponsor for the Annual State of the City address by Mayor Denis Shortal. This eighth Annual State of the City event will take place on March 9, 2017 at the Crown Plaza Ravinia, Dunwoody, GA. The State of the City is the premier city sponsored event, showcasing the accomplishments and the vision for the City of Dunwoody. This project focuses on volunteering and providing access to potential Rotarians from guest attendees. Any excess proceeds from business sponsors for the event will be donated to the club. Also, our Rotary Club President serves as Master of Ceremonies for the event. We are planning for approximately 15 volunteers and over 100+ volunteers hours in support of this event.


The 24th Annual Governor's Ball - March 4, 2017 - "Moonshine and Magnolias"

The 24th Annual Governor's Ball, March 4, 2017, with the theme "Moonshine and Magnolias" raised funds for the 2016 - 2017 year. Event Chair John Visconti, along with the Gift Chair, Rick Woods, and Sponsor Chair, Hoshi Daruwalla, and over 40 volunteers made this event a success.

The purpose of the Governor's Ball is to raise money, have fun, and develop friendships both in and outside the Rotary Community. City and County Officials attend this event. The Atlanta Rotaract Club volunteers manage the check-in and check-out process. And, throughout the ball, the image of Rotary is enhanced by our sharing with the particpants the work that we do with the funds provided by this great event in our local and global commuities.


Veteran Support: United Services Organization (USO) - Providing Volunteers and Grant Support

Providing their talents and treasures, Dunwoody Rotarians hosted two days in Fall, 2016, at the USO at Hartfield Jackson Airport welcoming veterans passing through and assisting them with their needs. In addition, the Rotary Club of Dunwoody just announced support for purchase of a new induction soup warmer/cooker and hot dog grill, providing replacement of older equipment. Total expenses $2,327.00 - RCD contribution of $1,163.00 to be matched by customers of E. 48th Street Market and a major partner with the Rotary Club of Dunwoody in USO Service.

This project will have sustainable support in the community served - fifty to several hundred military service personnel served daily at the USO center at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta, GA. RCD and USO has had a partnership in supporting our military personnel, bi-annually, for over 15 years, by serving a typical American lunch of hot dogs, homemade cookies (donated by Rotarians), and fresh fruit, and by assembly,gift bags.