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2017 Dunwoody Scrapbook (2017)2016-2017 Awards submissionScrapbookspptx
2017-18 Charitable Fund Budget (2018)PDFbudget, charitable fundpdf
2017-18 Operating Budget (2018)PDFbudgetpdf
2018-2019 Charitable Fund Budget (2019)The Charitable Fund Budget for 2018-2019Presidentspdf
2019 Governors Ball Donation Form (2019)Auction Donation FromSilent Auction Formdoc
501(c)3 CertificationThis is proof that RCD is a tex exempt 501(c)3pdf
August 2018 Board minutes (2019)PDFpdf
Board Meeting Minutes - 2017/18 Rotary Year (2018)PDF document representing all 2017-18 Rotary Year board minutes for The Rotary Club of Dunwoodypdf
Board Minutes 2016-17 Rotary YearPDF File2016-17, Board minutespdf
Club Assembly - 2/23/18 - Fundraising Proposal part 1PDF of presentationbarbecue, fundraising
Club Assembly - 2/23/18 - Fundraising Proposal part 2PDF of presentationbarbecue, fundraisingpdf
Club Assembly - 2/23/18 - Goals and Financial Presentation (2018)PDF of presentatonclub assemblypdf
Club By LawsBy Laws to the Club Constitutionpdf
Club By Laws AmendmentsAmendments to the Club By Lawsdocx
Club ConstitutionThis is the Club Constitution pdf
December 2018 Board Minutes (2019)PDFpdf
Expense Reimbursement/Check Request FormUse this form to request a check or seek reimbursement of expenses for club or Charitable Fund.Expense, Check, Reimbursement, Formpdf
February 2017 Newsletter (2017)14-page PDFNewsletterspdf
Governors Ball - Save the DateThis is the save the date email for the 2017 Governors Ball.pdf
Governors Ball Silent Auction Donation Form (2019)Word documentdoc
Grant ApplicationWhen requesting a club grant please use this formpdf
Grant Application 2016-2017 (2016)Grant Application 2016-2017docx
July 2018 Board Meeting Minutes (2019)PDFpdf
May-June 2015 NewsletterDistrict Newsletter - May June 2015Newsletterspdf
Membership Proposal Form - DunwoodyWhen proposing new members, please use this form.doc
November 2017 BoD MinutesMinutes from 11/03/17pdf
November 2018 Board Minutes (2019)PDFpdf
October 2018 Board Minutes (2019)PDFpdf
September 18, 2018 Board Minutes (2019)PDFpdf
September 30, 2018 Board Minutes (2019)PDFpdf
Service Opportunity GuideLearn about your opportunities to get involved with the Rotary Club of Dunwoodypdf
W9Tax Form - DunwoodyWhen an external entity requests our W9, please use this document.pdf