New GRSP Student
Mathilde Illum

Introducing Mathilde Illum – Our 2018-19 GRSP Student

Mathilde Illum will arrive from Denmark on August 1 for a year as Dunwoody’s student in the Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP). She will attend Oglethorpe University. Her host parents will be Jackie Cuthbert and Lorri Christopher.

Mathilde comes from a family of five – she is the middle child – with an older sister and a younger brother. Her mother is a Rotarian, and her aunt was a GRSP scholar in 1989-1990. Mathilde was scheduled to be a Rotary Youth Exchange student a few years ago but had to cancel due to an injury (which has since mended itself).

Mathilde is not sure what my final education path holds, but wants to work with something humanitarian or creative. Today she volunteers at the Red Cross second hand shop a few times a week and is a tutor for the freshman class. She will enter university in Denmark after her GRSP year, because the Danish educational system does not allow break-offs during university, even for a scholarship.

As to her goals for her GRSP year, Mathilde says, “I would love to achieve a deeper understanding of American culture and its people, and hopefully build lasting bonds with American families and international students. I would especially like to explore American community service and voluntary work, e. g. assisting in soup kitchens. I want to experience what the USA is really like, and see the real structure, rather than the one presented in pop culture and the news. My deep interest for history is also a major reason, as this could help me in learning more about American history than what I might have learnt growing up.”

You’ll learn more about Mathilde when she arrives at the beginning of August, and when she speaks to the club in September. We’ll keep you posted as to when her flight arrives at Atlanta Hartsfield so you can be part of the welcome committee!

Posted by Tania Lopez
July 17, 2018


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