by Rick Otness
Special Olympics

Huge Volunteer turnout ...

Last Friday (Nov. 9th) the Rotary Club of Dunwoody(RCD) with the help of Georgia State University (GSU) supplied 38 volunteers which allowed the DeKalb Regional Special Olympics competition to be an unquestioned success. Rotarian Ray Huebschmann was able to entice 21 of his students from GSU to partner with our Club to make it possible for over 85 special needs students to compete in the regional tournament. The kids were able to feel the excitement of competing, while our volunteers cheered and encouraged them.

When a team got a perfect 11 points, the helpers would all cheer and the kids would break out in big smiles. And there were plenty of teams and kids. There were more than 85 kids representing 17 teams from 11 separate schools in DeKalb County that participated in the competition.

Although Kathy Brandt did an outstanding job of organizing the service opportunity, a family vacation in Hilton Head prevented her from being at the actual event. In true Rotary fashion, she made this service opportunity event possible even though she wouldn't be able to enjoy all the fun on the day of the event. Thanks to her efforts, the following Rotarians were able to participate.

17 Rotarians(# shifts)

Kobelah Bennah (1)

Ray Huebschmann (2)

Henry Schonshack (1)

Fred Bounds (2)

Bob O'Brien (1)

George Stewart (1)

Jennifer Bowler (1)

Rick Otness (2)

Jennie Stipick (1)

Dabney Daniel (1)

Griff Ransom (1)

Brian Welchel (1)

Billy Grogan (1)

Jim Riticher (1)

Rick Woods (2)

Ed Holliday (1)

Harvey Rosenzweig (1)

Those volunteers that were lucky enough to serve on the 11 AM to 1 PM shift also got a "free" box lunch. Big smiles, a fun time, and a free lunch. Who could ask for more?


I have enclosed a couple of photos that you can use if you want to.




Kick off of event

... 113504

Paul Welchel, Harvey Rosenzweig and Jim Ritichter hard at wor

... 124401

11 AM shift at end of event

Posted by Tania Lopez
October 9, 2018


Posted by Rick Woods
October 11, 2018 10:39am

This is a wonderful event. I'll be there.

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