by Ranger Fred Bounds
Volunteer Opportunities

This Saturday October 13, 2018 we will plant five trees in the wooded area surrounding the Veterans Memorial in Brook Run Park.(The memorial is close to the main entrance on North Peachtree Road.)This activity is the brainchild of our energetic Rotarian, Ken Levy.His vision is to create a “Rotary Grove” of twenty trees, by planting five a year for four years.This will be our second year.Our project is in conjunction with Trees Atlanta (TA) Planting Day.They will be providing logistical and technical support.

We need some strong women and men to show up at 0830.After training on how to properly plant a tree, we will start the planting.Who wants to dig some holes?Just kidding, Trees Atlanta will have already done that for us.The trees will be waiting for us right by their excavated area.Trees Atlanta will provide the necessary tools:shovels and gloves (sorry Hoshi, you have to bring your own work ethic).There will be water available, and they ask us to bring our own refillable water bottles.

As I said above, we did this last year and it only took several hours.The more person power, the quicker the job gets done.When we are done, if we’re not too tired, we can help Trees Atlanta plant other trees around the memorial; they are planning to plant a total of 35.

You said volunteer opportunities Fred, what gives?The following Saturday October 20, 2018 we are having our periodic “spruce up” at Bounds Gardens at Monroe Park (the traffic island across Chamblee Dunwoody from the Dunwoody Library.)Routine stuff:some weedin’, some sweepin’, and some clippin’.

We meet at 0900 and with enough volunteers we will be done in an hour, max.(This is much longer than Hoshi’s attention span, but I gotta work with what I have, ya know?)It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get to know some of your fellow Dunwoody Rotarians.

Look, I know you may be hesitant to join us, figuring elite units like ours don’t cotton to those whose bodies are too frail (Hoshi gets a Ranger Fred waiver) or generally all outsiders.Nothing could be further from the truth; we put our gardening gloves on just like you, one hand a time.So come on out and fool around in the dirt.If you get winded, or need a break you can talk to Hoshi, he’s always ready to talk.

I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you are coming for one or both of the projects.Hey you One Hundred Percenters, these qualify as makeups!

The Few, the Proud, the Sprucetarians!

Posted by Tania Lopez
October 9, 2018


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