Promote your business at Rotary 6900 Event! Networking! For Free!

Bring your business cards and elevator speech!

Networking opportunity to share your business with fellow Rotarians. Empowering you!
Appetizers will be provided for the early birds. Cash Bar.

It is simple to spend 3 minutes talking about this event, the cheat sheet is below, which will grow your new members. When your new members hear they can network, they will want to test drive this meeting, then join your club. This is the gateway to members joining your club.

Register for the event at 2-26-19 Tuesday at Event Bright: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rotary-means-business...
Location "Pig and pearl" at Atlantic station
You can bring a guest or a non Rotarian
Staring at 6:30 pm

We are inviting 9 Rotary clubs to join together to network on one night this month and grow your preferred customer list!
Now Rotary is giving back by promoting Rotary Means Business. This is a 90 minute meeting run professionally.

Get a make-up rotary meeting by coming to this meeting.
This meeting is run just like a traditional Rotary Meeting. Starts on time and finishes on time 8:00 pm so you can
get back to your family by 8:30 pm.
Check out this monthly gathering for cross-club Rotarians and Rotarian guests.
For more information you will need to register at Event Bright: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rotary-means-business...

You can bring a guest or a non Rotarian.

Posted by Tania Lopez
January 16, 2019


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