"Wine Toss" to the Governors Ball

In the spirit of Peace and Love, we are reintroducing the "Wine Toss" to the Governors Ball. Here's how it works...

There will be "X" number of wine bottles (all full and unopened) in an area of the floor. See below.

For $10 you will get 3 rings. The object is to toss a ring around a bottle of wine. If you do, you win that bottle. When a bottle is won it will be replaced with a new one. The game lasts until all bottles are gone. It's a fun game that everyone will enjoy.

Now remember, this is a fund raiser. So, President Rick is asking that each member bring a bottle of wine, minimum $10 in value, to contribute to the pool. Start bringing your bottles now and we'll collect them.

Posted by Tania Lopez
February 5, 2019


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