2019 Governors Ball preparation

4 things to do...

The Governors Ball is the end of next week (03/16/19). It is imperative that each of you do the following:

1.Go to https://dunwoodyrotary.org/v2/reservation/create?event=3914 to complete your RSVP.

2.Secure an item from a favorite vendor for the silent donation. The donation form can be found at the bottom of the page once you click on this link https://rcdgovernorsball.com/fund-raising

3.Remember to bring an inexpensive bottle of wine this Friday (03/08/19) for the "ring toss" at the 2019 GB

4.Buy at least 1 raffle ticket at https://rotary6900.org/v2/lottery/purchase/2


Rick Otness

Immediate Past President

Posted by Tania Lopez
March 5, 2019


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