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Volunteers needed!! We need additional volunteers to help with Rotary Youth Exchange to help with both inbound and outbound students. The requirements are simple: (1) simple application; (2) background check; (3) on-line training; and (4) 2 people who will write a short personal reference (it is a fill-in-the-blank form that takes only about 3 minutes). We would love your help for areas such as liaison with Dunwoody HS for outbound recruiting, recruitment and assistance with host families for next year's inbound student, and general assistance with Rotary Youth exchange students. If you have questions, please ask Deb Cameron, Dottie Toney, Jennie Stipick, Tania Lopez, Luis Cazares or Mike Parks.

We also are looking for host families for our 2019-2020 inbound student. The student has not been identified yet, but will be a student at Dunwoody High School and likely female. Please contact any of the people named above if you or someone you know is interested in being a host family!

Posted by Tania Lopez
March 20, 2019


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