No Meeting This Friday - Join Us at the Dunwoody Arts Festival

This weekend, several Dunwoody Rotarians will continue a 10-year tradition of getting up at "O Dark 30" on Saturday to support the Dunwoody Arts Festival. We serve as Ambassadors to the participating artists - helping them get situated on Saturday morning and coordinating breakdown and clean-up on Sunday afternoon. And, we serve as Ambassadors to the community - telling the story of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody to the people attending the Arts Festival as they pass by or stop and visit our booth. The pictures above come from our 2012 Arts Festival appearance - and include Rotarians Patti Bunker, Laura Kann, Fred Brandt and Don Griffing.

If you still want to help us promote our public image this weekend, contact Ardy Bastien or Kathy Brandt. Or just think about stopping by our booth as you stroll along Dunwoody Village Parkway looking for the right Mother's Day gift!

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
May 8, 2019


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