Send a Personalized Greeting to GRSP Alumni Jasmine

Jasmine Zhou was our GRSP student in 2009-10. Jasmine is from China and was hosted by Rotarian Jim Cantrell and his wife Kay Stewart. She is pictured with her husband Simon Ming, Jim and Kay at a reception when the couple came to visit in 2011.

Past RCD members Don and Marj Griffing will be visiting with Jasmine during a planned trip to China in early June. Don has offered to collect video greetings from individuals and present them to her on a USB drive when they meet. If you would like to participate please let Rick Otness know. Either email Rick at otness_r@mindspring.com , or call Rick at 770-715-9251 to alert him to your interest. He will email instructions on how to create and then get the individual videos to Don Griffing.

Posted by Rick Otness
May 8, 2019


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