Thanks to Our Hard-Working Arts Festival Ambassadors

Rain or shine, it's good to know you can count on Dunwoody Rotarians to be there to help! And it was great to have visibility for the Rotary Club of Dunwoody at this large community event. We had at least 23 people involved in the Club's support for this event (our 10th year and the festival's 10th year in Dunwoody). The next largest "group" that we saw was the Chick-fil-A Cows - as seven marched through the crowd early Saturday afternoon.

Our pre-dawn crew on Saturday morning included Fred and Kathy Brandt, Fred Bounds, Jennifer Bowler, Deb Cameron, Jackie Cuthbert, Larry Domenico, Chris Gutschenritter, Rick Otness, Teak Pacetti, Michael Parks, Jeff Rosen, Erich Schuetz, Claudio Segura and Rick Woods. This group welcomed artists and helped with volunteer registration. Many an artist thanked this group for their help with unloading and set-up, and said the Dunwoody Arts Festival was one of their favorites because of the cheerful helpers (us!).

On Saturday and Sunday, our "ambassadors to the community" shared the story of Dunwoody Rotary with many festival attendees. Thanks to Jeannette Jezerinac-Prince, Jackie Cuthbert, Kathy Brandt and Mike Parks for setting up the booth, and to Jeannette and Jackie, Fred Brandt, Bob Freeman, Ken Levy, Cathie Brumfield, Kobelah Bennah, Ed Holliday and Bill Kelly for staffing the booth at various times during the weekend. Ardy Bastien coordinated all our volunteers for the Dunwoody booth.

Finally, thanks to Kobelah for coordinating our team that helped artists pack up on Sunday afternoon!

Posted by Kathy Brandt
May 15, 2019


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