You Can Make a Difference at Camp Corral - Volunteer Opportunity

On Thursday, June 13, we have an opportunity to help at Camp Corral - held at Camp Twin Lakes near Winder, Georgia. The mission of Camp Corral is to transform the lives of children of wounded, injured, ill, and fallen military heroes by providing a unique summer camp experience. In 2019, Camp Corral will serve more than 3,000 campers in 19 locations around the country.

Last year, RCD provided four scholarships for campers. This year, June and I have provided scholarships for two children to attend Camp Corral in RCD's name.

As a club, we also have an opportunity to serve ice cream to the 150 campers/staff as part of their June 13 dinner. We need 5-10 volunteers for the evening - we're asked to arrive by 5:30 pm (it's a little over an hour to get there), get a quick tour, have dinner at 6:15 then serve ice cream, We should leave about 7:30 pm and be home about 9 pm.

It's a great chance to say thank you to our active military, veterans and their families for their sacrifice.

Let me know if you would like to help.

Posted by Roy Wise
May 15, 2019


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