​Paul Harris Fellows Presented to Family Members and Friends of the Club at the 33rd Annual Holiday Luncheon

At the recent Annual Holiday Luncheon twenty three family members of Dunwoody Rotarians and two friends of the Club were recognized with a Paul Harris Fellow.

Paul Harris Fellows Presented to Rotarian Family Members:

Stephen Jonathan Barden <> son of Louise and Ron Barden

Conner Puchstein <> grandson of Lorri Christopher

Eleven Paul Harris Fellows presented to the Marie Crean’s family:

David B. Crean son <> Aidan M. Crean grandson <>

Erin M. Crean granddaughter <> Alison Crean Rosch daughter <>

Evan R. Rosch grandson <> Michael D. Rosch grandson <>

Richard H. Rosch son-in-law <> Dennis M. Crean, Jr. son <>

Heidi G. Crean daughter-in-law <> Owen D. Crean grandson <>

Brian P. Crean son <>

Luke Ryan Brothers <> nephew of Jackie Cuthbert

DD Fritch <> spouse of Angie Duprey

Alice Ragin Godshall <> mother of Ed Godshall

Forrest Ray Godshall <> brother of Ed Godshall

Jennifer Springer Cook <> daughter of Jennie & Dennis Springer

Lindsey Rodgers Cook <> granddaughter of Jennie and Dennis Springer

Davis Sidney Cook <> grandson of Jennie and Dennis Springer

Lindsay Marie Williams <> daughter of Marianne and Lang Wooddy

Zachery Paul Williams <> son of Marianne and Lang Wooddy

Edward Tyrone Griffin, Sr. <>In memory of a friend of Marianne and Lang Woody and presented to his wife Lisa Griffin.

Paul Harris Fellows Presented to Friends of the Club:

Lachandra R. Harrell <> Teacher of the Year presented by Roy Ethridge

Phyllis Smith <> Librarian presented by Roy Ethridge

Congratulations to all of the recipients. It is the on-going financial support of the Foundation’s Humanitarian and educational programs by Dunwoody Rotarians that make these distinguished recognitions to family members and friends possible.

Their combined contributions to the Rotary Foundation total $ 65,000+.