Club Assembly recap

Last Friday's meeting (May 5th) was a Club Assembly dealing with the Club's plans for the 2017-2018 year. For those that couldn't be with us, here is a recap of the key points covered during the Assembly:

  1. Rotary is about the fellowship that we gain while serving others, hence our Motto of "Service above Self"
  2. Rotary works because members contribute hours, funding and leadership at the margin. There are many other claims being made on these items.
  3. Leadership may well be what distinguishes Rotary from other organizations
  4. Striving for excellence is built into our Club's DNA. Our Club does many great things including
    1. helping others (more than 20 different projects each year)
    2. innovation new program (like RFFA, and Character Counts to name just 2)
    3. developing leaders
    4. having talented members serve at District level positions (Anne Glenn as Global Grants Chair and Jackie Cuthbert as Editor of the District Newsletter
    5. raising more than million dollars in just under 33 years
    6. been recognized as the best Class III Club in District 6900 in 16 of the last 32 years, and coming in runner up in three other years.
    7. won Best Club for 17th year in 2016 -2017
  5. Lifelong Rotarians don't just happen they need to be mentored and groomed
  6. The 2017-2018 RCD Presidents Vision for the Club
    1. Make sure members enjoy their year by providing opportunities to engage the member's passions and for members to bond with each other
    2. Communicate our successes to both the Club members and the community at large
    3. Cause the Rotary Club of Dunwoody to become "The Place to be"
  7. Vital that we continue to develop leaders to enable Club activities (both existing and new) that are effective at harnessing our member's passions
    1. we need members to step forward to become leaders of projects that engage the member's passions
  8. Board's role is evolving from managing activities to strategic planning
  9. To add new projects we need to either grow membership or decommission projects that no longer appeal to the changing mix of member passions
  10. If a project doesn't have a leader it will be suspended for a year (being placed in the Parking Lot). If no one steps up to lead the project in the intervening year, that project will be decommissioned.(See 2017-2018 Leadership Opportunities article elsewhere in this issue of the Bulletin)
  11. As the Club membership changes over time, so too do the passions of the members.
    1. Club is developing a way to evaluate all projects (both existing and potential future projects)
      1. does it engage one or more members passion
      2. who benefits in addition to the member(s)
      3. is it sustainable or a one-time effort
    2. Club will evaluate all existing partnerships to see if they are still relevant
  12. We are looking at best practices District wide, and will adopt any that will better serve our members

Following the presentation, questions were taken and suggestions were made by club members on ways to improve how members are served by the Club.

Posted by Rick Otness
May 12, 2017