2017-2018 Leadership opportunities

There are currently 15 open leadership opportunities that still need to be filled for 2017-2018. They are spread over 5 different areas:


4th of July




Corp Members

Below are brief descriptions of each event/activity that needs a leader. Please take a moment to see if you are passionate enough about any of these areas to become its leader for 2017-2018. If you have an interest, please contact President Elect Rick Otness at otness_r@mindspring.com or call him at 770-715-9251 to learn more.

Description: Leads the Club's efforts to assist in Peachtree Charter Middle School students being exposed to business and its practices. Students are given a hands on approach to running a business on a typical day. For many it will be their first exposure to what a job in business may look like and the impact they can have. This activity is typically scheduled to occur in either January or February at the Junior Achievement Discovery Center.

Responsibilities: Coordinates our relationship with JA, and also writes a pre and post event article for the Bulletin. Main task is to round up 15-20 people (both Rotarians and friends of Rotarians) who will volunteer to spend one workday (from 8 AM to 2PM) coaching a group of PCMS students who will be attempting to run a "business" at the Junior Achievement Discovery Center located in downtown Atlanta.

Playbook: Exists

Description: Working with the special needs kids and seeing their sense of achievement is inspiring. Teams from 12-16 schools compete in a regional tournament at Peachtree Charter School. Typically involves a set of basketball skills (throw, catch, shoot) which usually occurs on one Friday in either October or November

Responsibilities: Coordinates our relationship with JA. Big task is to recruit 12-18 volunteers (Rotarians and friends of Rotarians) to work one of 2 two hour shifts (9-11 or 10:30 to 12:30) on day of the competition which will be held on a Friday (usually in Oct or November)

Playbook: exists

Description: Family of Rotary event which allows Rotarians and their families to celebrate the 4th of July. Dunwoody's parade typically draws 30,000 spectators and is the place to be.

Responsibilities: Coordinate all Club activities related to celebrating the 4th of July. Choose a theme for Club's Float, form a team to build and populate the Club float. Build a team of volunteers to staff the Club's Hot Dog stand on the morning of the 4th of July.

Playbook: Yes

Description: Greet and hand out food to members of the armed services and their families while they are on layovers in Atlanta's airport. Gives Rotarians and their friends a chance to personally thank armed service persons for their service in protecting our country.

Responsibilities: Collect donated food (beverages, baked cookies, etc.). Signing up volunteers to staff the operation on two separate dates (one is usually in November/December and the other in March/April)

Playbook: Yes

Description: Lead the induction ceremony that presents new members to the Club on the day they are inducted into the Club

Responsibilities: Two weeks in advance call both the new member and their sponsor to confirm they will be at the meeting scheduled for his/her induction. Know the induction oath, and give sponsors an opportunity to introduce the new member to the Club

Playbook: Needed

Description: Run new members through what is involved in being a Dunwoody Rotarian. Helps them know about all the opportunities that await them, as well as some of the basic procedures of being a rotarian.

Responsibilities: Maintain orientation guide, updating it as changes in knowledge occur. Scheduling one on one meeting with each member within a week of their scheduled induction ceremony

Playbook: Needed

Description: Work with three Corporate partners, and involve their employees in any Rotary projects to which the corporation is committed

Responsibilities: Target best opportunities for long term partners to participate in Rotary projects and fund raising events. Help recruit new corporate partners and then maintain our relationship with these entities.

Playbook: Needed

Description: Create lifelong Rotarians. This is done by carefully integrating them into the Club and gradually increasing their involvement.

Responsibilities: Maintain a team of 4 couples each of which will work with a separate new member over the first two years after that person becomes a member of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody. Each Rotarian couple will track the progress of a new Rotarian in meeting agreed upon goals

Playbook: Needed

Description: Organizing content supplied by others into the Weekly Bulletin. Usually takes about 1 hour each week. Allows you to keep Club informed about upcoming speakers, club news, and opportunities to serve.

Responsibilities: Publish the weekly bulletin. Primarily involves receiving content (from various members and directors), pasting that content into a Bulletin template, and hitting the publish button before midnight on Tuesdays. The editor does not have any responsibility for generating content, only for publishing supplied content.

Playbook: Needed, but trainer available

Description: Make it possible for members to easily find key information and be informed about the Rotary Club of Dunwoody. You will evaluate whether the information on the website is up to date, and if not, report deficient areas that need updating to the Future Presidents.

Responsibilities: Examine website site for effectiveness, and make recommendations for any needed changes. Post any content provided by others in the appropriate places on the website, and notify District support if a challenge develops.

Playbook: Needed

Description: Ensure that the Club captures both still and video images to be used by the Club to inform members and the community at large about Rotary's successes. Images are meant to show activity and its impact.

Responsibilities: Maintain club's photo/video archive, make it readily available to club members, recruit a team of people to video/photograph, make sure that at least a member of the team is present and taking photos at most Rotary activities.

Playbook: Needed

Description: Allows for two minute moment at the start of each meeting, which will educate and/or entertain the membership.

Responsibilities: Recruit Club members to give a 2 minute "moment" at the start of each week's meeting. Can be a humorous moment and/or an educational moment.

Playbook: Needed

Description: We maintain a hospitality suite at the District Conference where Rotarians (from our Club and other Clubs) can meet, relax, and have access to alcoholic beverages and snacks

Responsibilities: Coordinate logistics surrounding the operation of the Hospitality suite during the District 6900 Conference

Playbook: Needed

Description: Works with the President to make certain all awards are made in a timely fashion.

Responsibilities: Order any items to be given out as awards at the December luncheon and at the year-end Awards dinner, remind the President of any upcoming awards at least one month prior to their normal presentation.

Playbook: Calendar available

Posted by Rick Otness
May 12, 2017