​URGENT! Volunteers needed to avoid Cancellation of Projects for 2017-2018

Five legacy programs/projects are scheduled to be suspended (i.e. be given a Parking Lot status) and will therefore not occur during the 2017-2018 Rotary year, unless someone steps forward by Monday (June 5th). The 2017-2018 Board is having an organizational meeting on the 6th of June, and plans for which activities will be scheduled for 2017-2018 year will be decided at that meeting. If you have a strong desire to see any of these projects occur, you should consider stepping forward now.

4th of July (Hot Dogs/ parade)



Special Olympics



Bulletin Editor

All year

50 hours

1 hour

Photo/video Editor

All year

12 hours

15 minutes

Sunshine Coordinator

All year

20 hours

30 min.

Without someone willing to lead these activities they will be cancelled.

On a more positive note this past week 4 members stepped up as leaders for the following projects, each of which will now happen during 2017-2018:

Fred Brandt

Membership Development

Roy Ethridge

Table Placards

Jim Riticher

Junior Achievement

Roy Wise


Posted by Rick Otness
May 31, 2017