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May 26, 2017
Leaders Needed for RCD 2017-2108

We have had three leaders step forward, allowing three activities to removed from the Parking Lot for 2017-2018.

Fred Brandt Membership

Jim Riticher Junior Achievement

Roy Ethridge Table Placards

However, we still have 7 vital activities that need managers/ coordinators. If leaders are not found by June 2, 2017, these activities will not be done in 2017-2018. These are activities that we have come to depend on, but that will cease if a leader does not step forward. Most are easy to do. The current occupants of the Parking Lot are:



Requirement/Skills needed

4th of July

Work with a lot of Rotarians to have a fun family of Rotary event

Easy to follow guide exists

·Recruit volunteers

·write two articles (one pre & one post)

·Creative streak for float design

Special Olympics

Allows members to gain firsthand experience assisting special needs kids in gaining a sense of achievement and victory

Easy to follow guide exists

·Recruit volunteers

·write two articles (one pre & one post)

·Spend one Friday in September at event (8:30 AM to 1 PM)


Allows opportunity for members to directly express their thanks to members of Armed Services for the job they do protecting our country

Easy to follow guide exists

·two separate dates roughly 5 months apart Recruit volunteers

·write two articles (one pre & one post)

·Spend one Friday in September at event (8:30 AM to 1 PM)

Bulletin Editor

Keeps members informed about upcoming speakers and events, recent events, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and membership anniversaries

Requires approximately one hour each week. Will be trained by existing Bulletin Editor.

Mostly cutting and pasting content (supplied by others) into a template and then hitting a key to publish the Bulletin.

Website content Manager

Allows members to access on-line information about activities and club procedure

·place content on website as it is supplied

·notifies webmaster if a problem occurs

Camera Team manager

Allows club members to access all photos and videos taken by members in one place that is located on-line (Smug Mug). Key ingredient to having a successful scrapbook.

·Encourage members to take photos

·Answer simple questions about uploading photos and videos particularly from members who may be technology challenged

Sunshine Coordinator

Enables 2-3 minute presentation each week that informs and/or entertains members

·Schedule volunteers

·maintain calendar

·send volunteer reminder one week before scheduled to do

Rick Otness Posted by Rick Otness
May 26, 2017

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