Junior Achievement Peachtree Charter Middle School - Biz Town and Finance Park

?? Dunwoody Rotarians volunteered over a two day period to support the Peachtree Charter Middle School students participating in the JA vocations experience at Atlanta Biz -Town. Financial support for this project from RCD was $5,000 helping to make the JA Discovery Center learning opportunity available to 100 of the 1,056 6th and 7th grade students served from Peachtree Middle School (an estimated cost of $50.00/student participant).

The overall purpose of JA is to inspire and prepare students to thrive in today's economy - (an inportant goal that Dunwoody Rotarians have embraced for 15 years). Two programs being offered to middle school students at PCMS are JA Biz Town and JA Finance Park.

JA Biz Town creates a unique opportunity where middle school students interact within a simulated macro-economy, taking on the role of employee, tax payer, and consumer. JA Finance Park provides middle school students with the opportunity to experience their personal financial futures first hand. Both experiences align with one of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody's three priority areas of service - "education." And, this project helps to build upon the Club's partnership with two important community partners - Peachtree Charter Middle School and Junior Achievement of Georgia.