GRSP Leadership Weekend

In January, 2019, our club hosted 44 International students for our annual GRSP Leadership Weekend. This year the event was held one week prior to MLK Weekend. This event partnered with our sister clubs and GRSP, began on Friday, January 11 with a visit to the Center for Civil and Humane Rights, followed by a presentation from Rotarian Jessie Legros about "Unconscious Bias" and the a Family of Rotary evening event at Breakout Games. Our sister clubs include the Rotary Club of Brookhaven, the Rotary Club of North Atlanta and from District 6910, the Rotary Club of Gainesville. Then, on Saturday, the GRSP students were hosted at Oglethorpe University by Rotarian Micheal Sutton (Rotary Club of Roswell), for a lecture series entitled "Courageous Leadership." In the afternoon, we hosted a Stop Hunger Now Project event that brought together the GRSP Students, many of our club members, Rataract, Family of Rotary Student hosts and District 6900 North Atlanta Weekend Partners, volunteering to package approximately 10,000 meals that feed a family for a week internationally.

That evening, all enjoyed home hosted dinners, where the 26 families hosting the 46 GRSP students attending this weekend, gathered at four Rotary homes for fun and fellowship. Then, on Sunday, the Atlanta Rataract Club coordinated an exercise for GRSP students similar to "Shark Tank."

The Stop Hunger Now Project was accomplished with approximately 25 Rotary host family volunteers and 160 volunteer hours.

Total funds spent for the project was $13,633. That amount was raised from: 2 clubs participating (The Rotary Club of Gainesville $2,000 and North Atlanta $500) , one individual Rotarian Bill Smith from the Rotary Club of Brookhaven, GRSP ($2,500) and RCD (?).

Our goal - to teach the skills of leadership to our GRSP students