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How You Can Help Vision Warriors

When District Governor Kirk Driskell brought the message of Vision Warriors to our club two weeks ago - about their strategy for helping those with addictions to alcohol and/or drugs, many of us wanted to know how we could help. Here are some ideas:

  • $600 per month sponsors a person in the Vision Warriors program.  We have two members - President Ardy and Kristi LoVerde - who jumped at this opportunity at the meeting; any of us could contribute toward this in amounts we can manage. 
  • Vision Warriors is currently updating its list of monthly supply needs on Amazon - you can order there and have items shipped direct to their location. We'll post an update soon with the link to their wish list,
  • You can donate vehicles, which are worked on in the Vision Warriors auto shop and sold to benefit the organization.
  • You can buy the Adirondack chairs created by the Vision Warriors woodshop pictured here - at a cost of $250 a pair ($25 for a table to go between them).

For more information on Vision Warriors - what they do, how you can help - visit the Vision Warriors website or contact them at

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
April 21, 2021


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