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"The Friendly Breakfast Club"

June 17, 2020


June is Rotary Fellowships Month

6/19 No Friday Meeting - instead consider joining us for Thursday Thursday live at East 48th Street Market!
6/26 No Friday Meeting
7/3 No Friday Meeting - Happy Fourth of July Weekend!
7/10 Installation of Officers and Directors ... Dunwoody Country Club

Our Rotary Family

6/2 Gary Lane
6/9 Helen Sempira
6/11 Russell Reams, DBA, Jr.
6/21 Patti Bunker
6/25 Hoshi Daruwalla
6/26 Jeff Hanson
6/30 Deb Cameron


6/4 Andrew Kaiser (15)
6/7 George Stewart, Jr. (51)
6/15 Chris Gutschenritter (46)
6/17 Carter Stout (25)
6/21 Susan Schwall (40)
6/23 Dr. John E. Carr (47)
6/24 Charlie Augello (59)
6/24 Ardy Bastien (124)
6/27 Dabney Daniel (12)
6/27 Kathy Brandt (12)
6/27 Fred Brandt (12)

Rotary Online



Fridays, 7:15 am
Dunwoody Country Club
1600 Dunwoody Club Drive
Sandy Springs, GA 30350 FacebookTwitterInstagram


President Cathie Brumfield
President-Elect Ardy Bastien
Treasurer Jeannette Jezerinac-Prince
Secretary Jennifer Bowler
Membership Fred Brandt
Foundation Bill Mulkey
Public Image Jackie Cuthbert

RI 2020 Convention
Want More Rotary Connection This Week? Join the World at the Rotary International Virtual Convention

As most of us know, the Rotary International Convention scheduled for Honolulu, Hawaii this June was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Rotary International recently announced that it would be welcoming the world of Rotary to a virtual convention - from June 20-26 - all FREE of charge.

RI has issued a list of dates and times for Virtual Convention programming. As you can see, the convention does not run the entire day, but instead will be broadcast at a few set times each day. Additionally, if you miss the live broadcasts, they will be readily available on the convention website, providing some flexibility for you and your event attendees to participate at your own convenience. The Virtual Convention is free to all attendees, however, there will be a sign in process in order to access the programming. Detailed Instructions for this process will be provided before the event.

We hope that you will take the time to join these sessions and to participate in some of the fun features of the Virtual Convention: wearing and sharing photos and videos of us in our Aloha wear, the Virtual Walking Challenge, and interacting with others in the virtual House of Friendship.

Here's what we know of the schedule now:

  • Saturday, June 20, 9:00 – 10:15 am Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-5): Together We Connect – Virtual Convention General Session 1
  • Sunday June 21, 9:00 - 10:15 am Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-5): Together We Learn – Virtual Convention General Session 2
  • Monday 22 June – Friday 26 June: Featured Breakouts: Each day, one breakout will be offered at each of the following times (all listed here in Eastern Daylight Time) ... 9:00 - 10:00 am, 1:00 - 2:00 pm and 7:00 - 8:00 pm. You can view the list of breakout sessions on the convention website - keep in mind that times there are shown in Chicago time and that many of the breakouts will take place in July.

More detailed information about the Featured Breakouts, the platform that will be used, and instructions for accessing the programming and transitioning back and forth between events will be shared as soon as it is available on the convention website. You can also register on that site - admission is free.

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