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"The Friendly Breakfast Club"

March 17, 2021


March is Water and Sanitation Month

3/19 No Friday Meeting - instead consider joining us for Thursday Thursday live!
3/26 To be announced ... in Person and Via Zoom

Our Rotary Family

3/7 Jackie Cuthbert
3/8 Louise Barden
3/8 Dabney Daniel
3/8 Ken Levy
3/9 Pat McMahon
3/12 Pavittar Safir
3/16 Amber Saunders
3/20 Anne Glenn
3/22 John Mills


3/13 Laura Kann (23)
3/19 Jennie Springer (13)
3/25 Patti Bunker (21)

Rotary Online



Fridays, 7:15 am
111 Perimeter Center West
Atlanta, GA , GA 30346 FacebookTwitterInstagram


President Ardy Bastien
President-Elect Carter Stout
Immediate PP Cathie Brumfield
Treasurer Josh Podczervinski
Secretary Jennifer Bowler
Foundation Jennie Stipick
Membership Darrin Vanderpan

In This Bulletin ...

There's no meeting this week, but we hope to see you at Thirsty Thursday at Dunwoody Tavern. Keep reading here to more about:

  • Our request for your thoughts about our hybrid meetings (next week we're back to the opportunity to meet in person at Le Meridien or via Zoom)
  • Learning opportunities ... through District Assembly
  • Jim Riticher and his life story, shared in a recent Member Moment.

And watch for next week's bulletin, when we're going to focus on service opportunities and ways we're investing in our communities and the world.

No Meeting This Week
Keep St. Patrick's Day Going Another Day ... Join Us for Thirsty Thursday Celebration at Dunwoody Tavern

We have booked Dunwoody Tavern for our Thirsty Thursday gathering this week - and enlisted Jud Shumway to share his wonderful music once again! Join us this Thursday, March 18, from 5 to 7 PM on the covered patio. Think about bringing a friend who might be interested in Rotary!

About Our Meetings
We Want Your Suggestions About Our Hybrid Meetings

Dear Fellow RCD Members,

As we return to in-person/hybrid meetings at a new venue, we are continuing to be technologically challenged. I am asking if you have any questions, suggestions, or issues you may share with me to help make your Zoom or in person meeting experience more enjoyable.

I admit I am faced with a new aspect of the learning curve each week. Any suggestions you may have are welcome. Please email me at griffransom@bellsouth.net or call at 770-616-3876.

Thank you for your support,

Your Sergeant-at-Arms Griff

Editor's Note: We want to thank Griff for all his hard work in making the hybrid meeting work as well as it does - figuring out the technology, the mikes, the placement of cameras, getting people into the meeting, muting us all when necessary, and transporting/setting up of banners and other paraphernalia we need ... all as we change meeting locations too. 

Learning Opportunities
Learn More About Rotary at District Assembly - Virtual and Free!

Every year, District Assembly offers a great opportunity to interact with other District 6900 Rotarians, get new ideas and prepare for a great Rotary year. The district has a variety of topics available for club presidents, officers, directors, committee chairs, and members to learn more about their role or areas of interest at district training.

This year, sessions will all be virtual via Zoom. Sessions are scheduled from March 16th through April 8th and each topic is offered twice. Check out the District Calendar on the right side of the home page at Rotary6900.org  to see the schedule and register for sessions of your choice. Please register at least two days before the session in order to receive the Zoom link.

Learning Opportunities
Atlanta Rotary Council on Human Trafficking

Join the Atlanta Rotary Council Against Human Trafficking on Zoom later this month (March 26 at 9 am) to hear from Sarah Richardson with Wellspring Living.  You can reach the meeting at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87414738102?pwd=cnBzNWZyYU8xbjM1K2RrMkhCcDBOdz09

Member Spotlight
Learn More About Jim Riticher

How much do you know about Dunwoody Rotarian Jim Riticher? Most of us know he is one the Dunwoody City Council - and some of us know he's helped coordinate our efforts with Junior Achievement at BizTown and JA Finance Park. But, can you answer this multiple choice question: In Jim's early life, which of the following is NOT true - Jim was a) Born in Germany? b) Raced motorcycles? c) Moved gold at Fort Knox? ]

If you saw Jim's Member Moment presentation, you'll know this is a trick question; they’re all true!

The son of a career Army officer and Army wife, Jim was born in a Stuttgart exurb. This was the Cold War, and the USA had ~1/4 million men supporting NATO in West Germany facing down Soviet tank armies across the Fulda Gap, the invasion route from East Germany. Jim grew up in/around a succession of Army bases, mostly in the Southeast – including Columbus/Fort Benning, Fort Rucker Alabama, and Northern Virginia outside DC when his dad was stationed at the Pentagon. Jim's teen years in/around Fort Knox KY, at the time the home of Armor, so a backdrop to his life was the sound of 105mm tank main gun fire in the distance at the ranges.

Jim and his dad got into dirt bikes, and Jim got into racing motocross and was junior mechanic at a Suzuki-Honda shop for his after school and summer job. The summer after graduating from HS, Jim got a temporary job moving gold at the Treasury’s Bullion Depository, which lasted three weeks. They moved ~47,000 ingots, about the size of a construction brick, but weighing ~27 pounds in support of an annual joint Treasury/GAO audit that had just started up a couple years before. [more]

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