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Club Calendar

July is New Rotary Year Month

7/28 Steve Grable, EVP JLL/Supply Chain Solutions Team
8/4 Bruce Peifke, CEO High Octane Events
8/11 Frank Blake, Chairman Grady Hospital Corporation
8/18 Bill Nordmark & John Grant, Atlanta Friendship Initiative

Our Rotary Family

7/17 David Gordon
7/25 Frederick Bounds
7/30 Scott Jennings


7/11 William Thiele
7/10 Ken Levy
7/10 Larry Domenico
7/3 Frederick Bounds
7/7 Brian Harper

Rotary Online



Fridays, 7:15 am
The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North H
7 Concourse Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30328

Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs April 25, 1984
Active Membership: 91 FacebookTwitter


President Rick Otness
Secretary Mike Parks
Treasurer Larry Domenico

Meeting dates for the next month

The club's meeting location and schedule will be atypical for the next few weeks due to our end of year activities, the July 4th holiday, and the non availability of the Westin, after which our meetings will return to our regular Friday schedule at the Westin.

Here is the schedule for your convenience:


Day of the Week






Tony McFerrin (DHS Principal)




Steve Grable (JLL Supply Chain Solutions)




Bruce Peifke (High Octane Events)




Frank Blake (Chairman of Grady Hospital)

This Week's Speaker: Tom McFerrin

Principal Tom McFerrin is a product of DeKalb County Schools. He began his alliance with Dunwoody High School as a student, graduating from the Class of 1991.

After graduating from the University of Georgia, he began his teaching career in 1997 at Peachtree Charter Middle School as a social studies teacher, where he was named Teacher of the Year in 2003.

He transferred to Dunwoody High School the following school year and created the ever-popular Academy of Mass Communications. During his years at both schools, he loved coaching Tennis and Swim/Dive at Dunwoody.

Mr. McFerrin was promoted to Assistant Principal in 2009, overseeing Attendance first and then moving to the Instructional AP position in 2012. He became Principal at the beginning of this school year and is excited and proud to be leading his alma mater in what we call “The Year of the Wildcat,” bringing back some traditions of the past and making new ones for the future.

Mr. McFerrin is focused on building a school environment that supports a quality foundation for students, with access to advanced academics, fine arts, world languages, and career academics. He is also dedicated to supporting a strong athletics program and extra-curricular activities that include the arts, academic competitions and community service.

Our principal is beloved among the students, faculty and staff, and is a respected leader in the Dunwoody community. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, going to the beach, playing ALTA tennis, and thinking about how to shape Dunwoody High School to be better and better with each passing year. He looks forward to the journey.

Call for Volunteers for 2 Upcoming Events

There are two upcoming events that need our members participation. We are just stating our year, but it would be great if you could plan to volunteer for at least one of these two volunteer opportunities. Please come out and join me in having some fun, while accomplishing something with a real impact.

Event: Friends of Disabled Adults & Children (FODAC)

When: Saturday July 22, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 2 PM

Where: Meet for breakfast at 8:30 on the patio of the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant located at 3829 Clairmont Road, Atlanta

Why: Your efforts will make sure that FODAC has materials to repair/refurbish that will then be supplied at low prices to the neediest among us. The center supplies employment in the community but only to the extent they have donated materials to refurbish. Last year 7 clubs picked up more than $161,000 of donated materials. They were constrained by the number of volunteers. This year we are hoping to add 10 volunteers from the Rotary Club of Dunwoody.

Link for more details: https://goo.gl/Z4kLH9

Action: email RCDPres@gmail.com before Friday 07/14 to confirm your participation. Pickup routes need to be established during the week before the event.

Event: Family of Rotary Picnic

When: Sunday July 23, 2107 from 2PM to 7PM


What: Picnic for Rotarians, their family members, and their friends, There will be hotdogs, hamburgers and ice cream as well as old fashion games and races. There will also be a service project in which the whole family can participate ("Kids Against Hunger"). We hope to pack 2,000+ meals.

Link for more details: https://goo.gl/LLps3P

Action: By Sunday July 16th, email Ken Levy (Kennethlevy99@gmail.com) that you will be attending on July 23rd. We need your contact information and the number of people you will be bringing.

Needed: A Web Leader

The Club needs someone who likes to explore the capabilities of a computer platform, and then once they know it, make it do to truly amazing and unexpected things. Rick Woods oversaw the Club's transition from using Club Runner to embracing the District/Club platform last fall. The transition has gone well, but as the President Elect for 2017-2018, Rick Woods needs to turn his attention to preparing his team for 2018-2019. We need someone to step in who thrives on teasing out new capabilities, and loves exploring a system's true potential.

Rick Woods will be available to brief you on the system, and give you a rudimentary working knowledge of it, but then it will be up to you to play with the system and discover its true potential. Those interested please contact Rick Otness at otness_r@mindspring.com or call 770-715-9251.

Successful “Bounds Gardens” Spruce up Last Saturday

This time our sprucetarian team consisted of Warren Turner, President Rick Otness, PP Fred Brandt, Eric Shultz, and Fred Bounds.

Saturday Morning we were greeted by a tidy little pile of sticks and logs. Warren Turner got a jump on the rest of us Friday afternoon by cutting down a dead tree with his bow saw.

In a fairly routine outing we snipped twigs from the trees, pulled out briars (special backslap for Eric) from the lily beds, clipped the plants behind the lilies and swept the perimeter. The holly hedge that we cut way back is doing fine, but we clipped and pulled some small shrubs that looked like they were trying to break away from the main group.

If you have never come out you cannot imagine what a great time we have. Good fellowship with fellow Rotarians, good exercise, being alive on a (usually) sunny morning. Immediate results from our efforts. The park always looks better when we are through.

The Rotary Club of Dunwoody has been sponsoring this humble project for close to 20 years. It has been one of the ways that we have made Dunwoody a nicer place to live. All Rotarians and their significant others, Rotaracters and Interactors are always welcome to join us. There are a number of us who have participated over the years, each time the lineup of volunteers is usually different. Once you volunteer you can’t help but acquire a sense of ownership: proud after a recent spruce up, wondering when Ranger Fred is scheduling the next session when the park looks a little shaggy.

Stop what you are doing right now mark the next session date on your calendar, Sat 8/26/17, 9:00 a.m. See you there!

Bounds Gardens at Monroe Park is the traffic island across from the Dunwoody branch library. It has been the site of fiber optic installs, coyote nests, and most recently, a little rabbit hiding in the lily beds.

About the ​R.I. President 2017-2018

R.I. President 2017-2018

Ian H.S. Riseley

Rotary Club of Sandringham Victoria, Australia

Posted by Bill Mulkey

Ian H.S. Riseley is a chartered accountant and principal of Ian Riseley and Co., a firm he established in 1976. Prior to starting his own firm, he worked in the audit and management consulting divisions of large accounting firms and corporations. His firm specializes in income tax and management advice for individuals and small businesses. He has a master’s degree in taxation law and graduate diplomas in accounting and income tax.

Riseley has been a member of the boards of both a private and a public school, a member of the Community Advisory Group for the City of Sandringham, and involved in Sea Scouts and sporting groups, as well as honorary auditor or adviser for a number of charitable organizations.

Riseley’s honors include the AusAID Peacebuilder Award from the Australian government in recognition of his work in East Timor, the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the Australian community, the Distinguished Service Award and the Regional Service Award for a Polio-Free World from The Rotary Foundation.

A Rotarian since 1978, Riseley has served as treasurer, director, Foundation trustee, and member and chair of numerous RI and Foundation committees.

He and his wife, Juliet, a past district governor, are Major Donors and Bequest Society members of The Rotary Foundation. They live on seven hectares at Moorooduc, where they practice their personal philosophy of sustainable and organic living. They have two children and four grandchildren

2017-2018 Presidential Theme

Presidential Theme


Rotary: Making a Difference

Posted by Bill Mulkey

In 2017-18, we’ll answer the question “What is Rotary?” with RI President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley’s theme, Rotary: Making a Difference. “Whether we’re building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people’s lives — in ways large and small — for the better.”

RCD Grant Committee Process.

Hello RCD! Just a quick reminder of our club Grant Committee Process. If you have a local project you would like the Club to consider for funding, please submit

A RCD grant request form to Craig Gregozeski for dissemination to the Club Grant Committee. The dates for this year’s submissions are:

August 1 with review near August 23rd

November 1

February 1

May 1

If you have any questions or have a submission please email them to Craig.gregozeski@lpl.com


Please take a moment to share a memory or two in writing about the2017 RI Convention. We are particularly interested stories about:

Most interesting person you meet

Funniest thing that happened to you at the convention

What you liked most about the convention

These don't have to be long article, just a few sentences to memorialize a portion of the Convention, that might encourage others in the Club to go to future RI conventions. Send these stories to Eleni Bafas ( eleni.bafas@gmail.com) with a subject line of "Rotary Convention Stories".

Some of the stories/memories that have already been shared involve honorable mentions for :

Seat Meister: Rick Otness showed up early each morning to single handedly hold 30+ seats for our club. He wasn't sure whether it was allowed, but proceeded on the theory that someone would surely tell him if it wasn't. One day he used 10+ mini banners (one every third seat) the next he drafted people to hold adjacent seats. No one called him on it and happily the Club got to sit together.

Master of the Breakout session: Hoshi Daruwalla (when combined with Baku, Delzin and Ruzan) probably attended the most session. Hoshi attended at least 6 sessions, so we think the family total was somewhere north of 15.

Most loved by the camera: This one was a tie between Gary Lane and Geoff Roper. Both made several appearances on the big screens in the main hall. We think a bribe may have been involved. :-)

Ideas needed for 1,000 bags

Our Club has been given an opportunity to use 1,000 surplus bags from the 2017 RI Convention. We need our members to put on their thinking caps, and come up with ideas for their use. A few of the ideas already being floated are:

·Rotary Fund raiser at Krogers.

osell for $5 apiece as way to support local Rotary efforts

§place printed sheet in bag

·explaining what projects Rotary supports locally

·contact info for Rotary Club of Dunwoody

· time and location of Club's weekly meeting

·give to GRSP students over MLK weekend

·Give to each runner at the RunDunwoody event

But we need more ideas. Please send any and all ideas to Hoshi Daruwalla ( bhdaruwalla@hotmail.com ), marking the subject line: "Bag ideas".

We have a new banner!

The Club has received its supply of the new banner. Its orientation is landscape rather than portrait. It follows the guidelines that were approved by the Board when Patti Bunker was Communications Director. If you like the new banner, the Sgt at Arms will have a supply should you be planning a trip where you may want to visit another Rotary Club and exchange banners.

Breakout sessions from 2017 RI Convention

The 2017 RI Convention was a huge success. We had between 30-40 Club members that were able to attend the Convention. The slides from each session can be downloaded. My hope is that everyone that attended will take a moment to send me at otness_r@mindspring.com the following information on each session they attended. I will summarize the information, and make it available to club members that didn't attend the Conference, or did not get to attend a session that in retrospect they wish they had, along with links to the slides from the sessions

Please send me your evaluations by no later than 07/24/17, so that we can summarize them while your memory is fairly fresh.

Please use the rating scale below to give your evaluation of each session you attended.

Use scale of 1 to 3 with:

1 being great/valuable

2 being average/some value

3 below average/of little value

Day Time Room Rating Session Name
Monday (06/12/17)

Tuesday (06/13/17)

Wednesday (06/14/17)

Missed Meeting Make-Up Information

Make-Up a Missed Meeting <> Visit an E-Club!!!

Please help the Rotary Club of Dunwoody lead District 6900 in attendance average!

Rotary International has approved the request of 27 clubs to form with virtual or electronic locations. A visit to one of these E-CLUBS may satisfy a club member's make-up requirement, if this online visit counts. Also read "E-CLUBS forge new path for Rotary," a Web-exclusive feature story at www.rotary.org about Rotary E-CLUBS.









http://www.rotaryeclubzante.gr (Greek and English)



From the desk of the Newsletter Editor

Send your Newsletter submission to rcdnewsletter@yahoo.com

Our Club's Weekly Newsletter typically consists of:

  • Speaker bio
  • New Member Name(s)
  • Featured article(s) (regarding events, service projects, or on-going topics general club administrative items, etc..).
  • Foundation initiatives or other topics of interest to Members and with value for our Club archives.
  • Announcements (seeking volunteers, advertising service projects, etc.)
  • For Your Calendar (Club and other activities we encourage members and/or their spouses to attend, including Family of Rotary events
  • Member News (birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, Caring Hands)

Please keep in mind key components to include with your submission:

  • Title of your article
  • Description of the activity
  • Dates, Time, Location, deadline, etc... (especially for upcoming events)
  • Key Points of Contact Information and/or a link to reference website for details
  • Names and/or headcount of Rotarians (and others) participating,
  • The reaction of those benefiting and the numbers of those benefiting.
  • Picture(s)

Please also tell me the number of weeks would you like the article published.
Finally, the deadline for articles to run in the current week are Mondays by 5 p.m.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you!