The BBQ needs your help

Two quick asks from each member. The Dunwoody BBQ Community Contest needs every member to do the following at this Friday's meeting (08/10/18):

· Please take 100 of the new "Join the Fun" cards for the Dunwoody BBQ Community Contest, and hand them out during the coming week. Concentrate on organizations with which you have a relationship. Some places that may work (in addition to your friends and where you work).

- Churches/temples/mosques (the BBQ will be a family event)

- Elementary and middle school offices (there will be a Kids Que event for children under the age of 15)

- Hardware stores (they sell Grills)

- Cleaners (high repeat traffic areas)

- Coffee places (Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, Crema, etc.)

- High traffic restaurants

· Take two Decal magnets (i.e. one for each of your family's vehicles), and attach them to your family's vehicles from Friday (08/10/18) thru 09/08/18. We want to generate interest, and having 200 cars in the area advertising the event, should help to build "awareness".

Finally, the Club needs an a office during the Dunwoody BBQ Community Contest, preferably one that can be locked. If you have access to a RV, and would be willing to let the Club use it from noon on Friday (09/07/18) thru Saturday evening (09/08/18), please contact Rick Otness ( ).


Posted by Tania Lopez
August 6, 2018


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