Dunwoody Rotarians Support International Alzheimer’s Project

Dunwoody Rotarians (Charlie and Anita Augello, David and Tina Philpot, Ron and Louise Barden) attended the Multi Club Workshop (MCW) in Matera, Puglia, Italy, September 5-9, 2018. The RC of Dunwoody in partnership with the RC of Cesena presented a global grant to improve the care and treatment of individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s in Cesena, Italy.

The project will provide specialized equipment to improve physical and cognitive skills of those suffering from dementia and training of professional and family care-givers and students at the Technical High School of Cesena for Healthcare Professionals which will equip graduates for jobs in care facilities.In addition to the RC of Cesena and the RC of Valle del Savio, partners include the departments of psychology and architecture of Bologna University, and the First Aid Department of Cesena HospitalThe Multi Club Workshop was hosted by RC Matera and DG Donato Donnoli, D 2120.

Approximately 110 Rotarians from 15 clubs, 6 districts and 5 countries (Italy, UK, Russia, Germany, and USA) attended the workshop and evaluated eight global grants planned for Russia, Italy, Spain, Burundi, and Ethiopia. The Dunwoody Rotarians found the MCW a great way to evaluate International Projects and build International friendships.

Posted by Tania Lopez
September 25, 2018


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