SPEAKER THIS WEEK: Kewalin Chaichanawitchakit

Hi!! My name is Kewalin Chaichanawitchakit. You can call me Mink because I know that my full name is kind of long and hard to say haha. I'm the Rotary Youth Exchange student from Thailand. We have the most beautiful culture and a lot of beautiful places. Our food is well-known as one of the best foods in the world. Thai food contains a lot of ingredients and spices and it also has many steps to make Thai dish, so it's pretty hard to make but I can tell that if you try it, you will love it as I do! Our Thai people are very friendly and kind as you may have heard this quote "Thailand is the land of smiles." Let's talk about where I live, my house is in Bangkok with my lovely family there. My family has 6 person including grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, my sister, and me. My dad and my mom, they have their own business about the electric appliances. My sister's name is Mook, she is a year older than me and now she is studying in college . She said that she didn't miss me as much as she thought but I don't believe her haha. Our house is near many attraction like the Grand Palace and Khao San Road which has a lot of tourists and that makes me don't be scared of the foreigner like most of the kids in my age. It's not hard to become an exchange student but it's not easy too. First, you need to know what you really want, are you really want to do this. It's a long process to become an exchange student which you have to study really hard to get this. It's nothing right or wrong but you just need to try it again and again and again. You need to believe in yourself that you can do this and if you try it hard and study hard enough, the results will always come to you beautifully! I'm coming all the way here from Thailand because I want to experience the world and of course I want to improve my English. I want to go everywhere and see everything because it is so new and different for me. I love to travel. I just want to go everywhere and learn about the different culture, learn how people there live. I also love to read books and listen to music! My goal is to have many friends, make a lot of connections and make this year to be the best! I'm really happy and excited to be here. I'll try my best making everything turns out the best that it can be. Thank you!

Posted by Tania Lopez
October 16, 2018


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