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Tree Dedication

On October 27, 2018, a dedication of the most recent tree plantings in Brook Run Park by The Rotary Club of Dunwoody was conducted. In attendance were; Rick Woods, Rick Otness, Cathie Brumfield, Ed Holliday, Ken & Sherry Levy, Fred Bounds, Jennie Stipick, Louise and Ron Barden, Jim Riticher, Tina and David Philpot, Gijs Korremans, and Terry Nall.Representing the Mayor and City Council of Dunwoody was our own Terry Nall. Terry's tribute was inspirational and worthy of inclusion in this Bulletin. Please read his comments below.

Remarks to Rotary Club of Dunwoody; Dedication of Trees Planted 10/27/18

On behalf of the Mayor and City Council, the City of Dunwoody is proud to partner with the Rotary Club of Dunwoody. We are thankful for its many good deeds in our community.

The Rotary project of tree plantings to honor our men and women Veterans is a complementary project to the Rotary's USO support, where arriving or departing military personnel are greeted and cared with generous hospitality.

When I was asked to speak today for the dedication of these five tree plantings, I saw the five trees as symbolic for the five branches of the military.

I then learned the five tree plantings are planned each year over four years. For me, I saw symbolism that the four years represent our Veterans of the past, present, future, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

As I look into the future, I can visualize the leaves of these fully grown trees as symbolically touching each other to represent the bridged connection of past Veterans with future Veterans.

As we dedicate today’s plantings, may these trees grow as strong as our country’s freedoms made possible by the Veterans we honor.

Posted by Tania Lopez
October 30, 2018


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