This Friday's Meeting
We Need You for a Club Conversation ...

This week’s meeting is a Club Assembly. I have three items that I’d like to cover:

  1. Budget -vs- Actuals – Report to the club where we are on spending.
  2. GRSP – An interesting Pilot Program has been offered us. When the Board took it under consideration it became obvious that the entire club needs to weigh in on the decision. I will provide an overview of GRSP and then present the Pilot Program. We’ll discuss.
  3. Club Sponsors – Continuation of the Que for Good requires sponsors for it to become a primary fund raiser. External sponsors, non-club members, are Scuf and Northside Hospital (NSH). The Que needs much larger sponsors. So, instead of event sponsors I’m considering club sponsors. I have a dialog going with NSH whereby they would sponsor the club and in return get PR and exposure at all our events. I’d like feedback before I make the final offer.

This part of the conversation should take about an hour. Please let me know if there are topics that you’d like to discuss.

I hope I see you on Friday.

Posted by Rick Woods
January 2, 2019


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