Thanks to All Who Helped Celebrate July 4 in Dunwoody!

The parade and the hot dog booth were a great success due to your attendance and support.

Tim Le brought a great crew, Mike Parks added Claudio, Jackie Cuthbert brought Mathilde, and President Cathie, Rick Woods, Ron Barden, Jennifer Bowler, Lorri Christopher showed up to put the "float" together and then wave and distribute candy and globes to kids. All our giveaways were tagged with an invitation to parents to join RCD in Having Fun and Making a Difference! We could not have done the parade without Tim's generous donation of Humvee and trailer so extra big thanks to Tim, his wife, sister in law and Tiffany! The crowd were immense and if there is any suggestion you have for the future - please let Jennie know. Our float took second place in the Civic Organization category! Thank you Jackie for the posters, and Ron for the labor, and Kobelah and Ed for the ideas.

While we were decorating at one end of the parade route, another RCD team was busy in Dunwoody Village getting ready to sell hot dogs and baked goods at the Fourth of July Festival. We made over $200 from the hot dog stand this year. Thanks to Kobelah Bennah, Ed Holliday and Erich Schuetz for leading that effort - including the purchase and assembly of a new grill that we'll have available for future July 4 celebrations and other community or club events (a grill we paid for and still made $200+). Thanks to all our bakers and everyone who worked in the hot dog booth - including Les and Bill Woulfin, Teak Pacetti, Jeannette Jezerinac-Prince, Bill Kelly, Russell Reams, Ron and Louise Barden, President Cathie, Ardy Bastien, the Past President Ricks, Mathilde for her Danish cookies,

And there were many other Dunwoody Rotarians who just stopped by for a hot dog! All in all, we had at least 40 participants in this special event. RCD made a great impact - thank you so much for making the effort to be there. Great team effort - great results!

Posted by Jennie Stipick
July 10, 2019


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