Connect People to Dunwoody Rotary
Incentives to Bring a Prospective Member for Friday Breakfasts

This year one of President Cathie's top goals is membership. As co-Directors for Membership, Hoshi Daruwalla and Fred Brandt need your help with connecting good people to Dunwoody Rotary. We have some great speakers coming up … starting with Mr. College Football Tony Barnhart this Friday. Did you know that when you bring a prospective member on a Friday morning:

  1. You have our unending appreciation!
  2. Your guests get breakfast on us for the first two visits
  3. If your guests needs a little more time to sign on as new Dunwoody Rotarians, they can come back as often as they'd like through September 30 for just $10 a breakfast.
Posted by Fred Brandt
July 31, 2019