Member Spotlight
Deb Cameron

Deb Cameron is originally from Michigan. She held up her left hand to show us where she hails from and warned the group that, "Anyone who says they're from Michigan who doesn't hold up their hand to show you where they're from might not really be a Michigander." Deb moved to Georgia from Maine in 2003. She has been married to Kevin for 28 years. They have two daughters: Alex, who lives and works in Boston, and Samantha, in her second year at Georgia Tech.

Deb is a partner at the law firm Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins in Dunwoody. She represents businesses of all sizes primarily in disputes, but also in transactions. Much of her law practice focuses on real estate work - or dirt-related work - including construction, landlord/tenant issues, property damage and issues involving sales contracts. Her work also involves other litigation and bankruptcy matters.

Deb has been a member of our Rotary Club since 2009. She joined Rotary to have an avenue for giving back - Service Above Self - something she said her parents emphasizd growing up. She currently is the Youth Exchange Officer responsible for Rotary Youth Exchange for RCD.

Posted by Carter Stout
October 7, 2019