Quarterly Dues Invoice Out May 1 Reflects Adjustment for Missed Meeting Opportunities

Due to the pandemic, we have been forced to give up our in person meeting for a time until it is safe to meet again. This has reduced the required meal and venue cost component of the quarterly dues. The March saved money was donated to Malachi's Storehouse as a donation to feed children hurt by school closings.

However, in April and May we have been forced to cancel six in-person meetings at a savings we want to share with our members. Based on my detailed review of all the numbers, I recommended and the board approved a one time credit of $95 off quarterly dues of $285 for the billing due for the quarter ending 6/30/20. This credit will be applied to all non rule of 85 members to compensate them for the reduced meal costs in the second quarter. The net dues for the second quarter will be $190. Please note this invoice will be billed on 5/1/20 as it was delayed from the normal 4/1/20 date. This $95 credit does assume we will have in-person meetings, very likely with masks, staring on 5/29 through our planned year end celebration on 6/18 at the Dunwoody Nature Center.

I want to ensure we leave the club on a strong foundation for Ardy's year now on the horizon, and have spent a great deal of time reviewing all the numbers to ensure this credit is fair to all concerned.

Please let me know if I may answer any questions on this matter.


Posted by Cathie Brumfield
April 29, 2020


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