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Happy 37th Birthday Dunwoody Rotary!

This Sunday, April 25, the Rotary Club of Dunwoody will celebrate 37 years of fellowship, fun and making a difference in our community and around the globe. Wow! When I think of all that we have accomplished, we should be celebrating a lot!

Two years ago, our own PDG Bill Mulkey wrote a message recognizing our 35th anniversary. This week, we have updated our story to reflect what we’ve accomplished up to now. Before we share that, I would like to recognize three of our Club’s Charter members who are still with us today – PDG Bill of course, Past President Gary Lane, and our Club Administrator Teak Pacetti. Thanks for being part of the dedication and service that made the history we share here a possibility.

To paraphrase Bill’s message two years ago, “We have completed 37 years of a tradition of excellence in living Rotary's motto of Service Above Self. As our journey continues, let's all be dedicated to continuing that tradition for many years to come.”

Our history has an awesome listing of accomplishments, way too numerous to list in this article, but here are just a few.


  • Laws of Life and Character Education (George Stewart) started at RCD, expanded to Georgia and Zones
  • AIDS awareness (Marion Bunch started in 1997 at RCD, extended to D6900, to Georgia Districts and then on to Zones 33 & 34
  • Family Health & Aids Prevention Is Worldwide (again Marion Bunch)
  • • GRSP - Sponsored 37 students, piloted GRSP’s new Direct College Selection program this past year, and hosted GRSP Leadership Weekend for past 20 years; our investment in scholarships, the weekend and the GRSP Foundation has an estimated value of $700,000+
  • • Rotary Youth Exchange (Mike Parks introduced to District 6900) -Sponsored three outgoing and hosted two incoming students; total scholarships valued at approximately $100,000
  • • Major fundraisers - Governor's Ball (27 and counting, RunDunwoody for eight years) - Estimated Charitable Income est. $1,000.000+
  • • RCD is number ONE in our Rotarians serving above the club level – in positions with DeKalb Council, GRSP, D6900, Zones 33-34 and Rotary International


  • RCD has been involved in all of the Foundation's humanitarian and educational programs
  • Return on Investment of our contributions - Estimated value between $3 and 4 million
  • All Time Foundation contributions $1,344,202 as of 4/6/2021 • Sustaining Member Club since 2005 ($100+ from each member each year)
  • PolioPlus - Contributions $230,000+ as of 4/6/2021 plus four people involved in National Immunization Days in India
  • Major Donors (contributing $10,000+ each) - All Time 30+
  • Paul Harris Fellows (contributing $1,000+ each) - All Time 715+
  • Multiple Paul Harris Fellows - All Time 125+


  • Three District Governors and a Rotary International Director
  • Eight Assistant District Governors
  • Sheffield Leadership Awards - Four recipients
  • District 6900 Rotarian of the Year - Five recipients
  • The Rotary Foundation's highest award - Distinguished Service Award - Three recipients
  • The Rotary Foundation Citation For Meritorious Service - Four recipients
  • Rotary International's highest award, Service Above Self award - Four recipients
  • RI Avenues of Service Award - 13 recipients


  • Top Three Rotary Clubs Worldwide in 2011-2012
  • Club of the Decade for 30 years - 1990-2000, 2000-2010 and 2010-2020
  • Best All Around Club / Club of the Year <> 19 Years
  • Best all Around Club / Club of the Year Runner Up <> 4 Years

And again, in Bill’s words, “When the RCD chartered in 1984, the RI Presidential Theme of RI President Bill Skelton was “Share Rotary – Serve People.” For 35 years, PDG Bill has been using that theme and adding "ing" to Share and Serve. That my fellow Rotarians is what Rotary is all about, "Sharing Rotary and Serving People." The Rotary Club of Dunwoody has been the definition of that theme for 37 years. Teamwork will make it happen .... “ the ability to serve together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Posted by Ardy Bastien
April 21, 2021


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