How a Fig Tree Supports the USO ... by Charlie Augello

This is the story of a hobby - propagating Fig trees - that resulted in raising funds to assist our military personnel through the services of USO at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. And a story about how you can be part of the story ...

Back in the 40’s my father, Salvatore Augello, planted a cutting from a Turkish Brown fig tree that originated from his hometown of Castrofillipo, Sicily. He planted it in the small back yard of my Uncle Joe’s apartment house on E. 48th Street in Manhattan, which is also were I grew up. 

In the late 50’s my father took a cutting from the fig tree and planted it in the back yard garden of my sister’s home (May & husband Tony) on Long Island. In the late 70’s Tony gave me a few cuttings from his fig tree to plant at my home in Massachusetts. A couple of cuttings survived, and we brought them with us when we moved to Georgia as the weather would be very compatible for fig trees.

 As the Turkish fig tree blossomed my interest in expanding the varietals also expanded resulting in seven fig trees - the original one in the ground and the others growing in large black plastic buckets. The trees loved their new home and care. To control the growth of each of the trees and making harvesting manageable, I started pruning each tree every year and propagating the cuttings to pass along to our children and grandchildren and to sell at the Market to raise money for the USO. 

We now have several varietals Turkish Brown, Black fig and Green fig.

NOW FOR SALE: Today, you can have your choice of Turkish Brown, Black Fig, and a very limited amount of Green Fig trees. We're selling them at the market for $25 each - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - and all funds are donated to the USO!

Posted by Charlie Augello
August 3, 2022


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