​November Thirsty Thursday draws 9

The November Thirsty Thursday (on 11/15/18) saw 8 Rotarians gathering for refreshments while taking the opportunity to get to know more about each other. Great "one on one" conversations were had, allowing members to really get to know members they didn't know that well. The following Rotarians were able to gather while sharing some pre holiday season libations at the Dunwoody Tavern.

Louise Barden

Bill Kelly

Ron Barden

Rick Otness

Ritchie & Cathie Brumfield

Erich Schuetz

Deb Cameron

Rick Woods

Thirsty Thursday is taking the Holidays off (i.e. December) but will be resuming our monthly opportunity for sharing conversations and libations on Thursday (January 17th). As always we will meet at the Dunwoody Tavern starting at 5:30 PM. Put it on your calendar now so that you will remember to attend.

Posted by Tania Lopez
November 20, 2018


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