​Dunwoody Rotary welcomes/thanks servicemen

A dozen Rotarians (plus June Wise) were able to meet, greet, and thank our brave men and women serving in the armed services as they passed through Hartsfield Jackson airport this past Friday.

The home made cookies were a big hit with the troops, as were the chili dogs that were served up by the smiling Rotarians. The troops also appreciated the opportunity to leave their duffle bags and suit cases under the watchful eyes of the Rotarians, so they could roam the airport without having to haul their belongs with them. They were also treated to warm smiles by the Rotarians as the troops arrived at Hartsfield.

The above tasks were easily handled by these volunteers

Morning Shift

Afternoon shift

Roy & June Wise

Roy & June Wise

Jenny Stipick

Dabney Daniels

Ray Huebschmann

Larry Domenico

Bill Kelly

Roy Etheridge

Gary Lane

Bob O'Brien

Rick Otness

George Stewart

Russell Reams

It was a pleasure to greet the arriving troops and have an opportunity to thank them for their service, as well as helping to make their brief stay at the Atlanta Airport more enjoyable. The USO facility had a steady stream of visitors, as there were several classes graduating at Fort Benning this past Friday. It was expected that ~300 service people would be passing through the USO facility on Friday.

Well done Rotary Club of Dunwoody!.

Posted by Tania Lopez
December 11, 2018


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