Thanks for Your Service
Kingsley Families Thankful for Our Thanksgiving Gifts

This Thanksgiving, we helped ensure that 82 families of the students at Kingsley Elementary School in Dunwoody received a Harvest Basket gift of food. In the spirit of sharing at Thanksgiving, the school children decorated the baskets and made cards to go in the baskets. Each basket had a market value of $72 and included a 12 or 13-pound turkey. This gift of food was made possible in large part by a grant from The Rotary Foundation and contributions from Dunwoody Rotarians, as well as contributions by friends and neighbors of the school. Our efforts were coordinated by Anita Augello.

Anita says, "People came in cars, or driven by neighbors, church members and even taxis. Many were shocked by the volume of the boxes and became tearful. We heard a few sad stories. Thank you to Rotary for allow us to have this beautiful day.Many thanks to Rotary for all its help with this great project. The sad thing is that Claudia and I got all the hugs and God Blesses and thank you's and more."

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
December 9, 2019