East 48th Street Market Named Best Deli in Georgia!

Congratulations to Charlie and Anita Augello and family for making the "Taste of Home" Best Deli in Each State list. Taste of Home said, "Family and Italian heritage are at the heart of this 25-year-old shop. The E. 48th Street Market has everything: stuffed deli sandwiches, cold cuts, cheese, house-made mozzarella, Italian cookies, homemade pastas and more. Try one of 26 sandwiches like the Sam’s Hero with grilled capicola, onions and mustard."

As Dunwoody Rotarians, we also know that E. 48th Street and the Augello family have the heart of the community in their hearts - thanks for all they do for the USO, Kinglsey Elementary, the fight to End Human Trafficking and so much more!

You can view the whole list at

Posted by Kathy Brandt
January 13, 2021


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