This Week's Speakers
Panel Discussion: Seth Watson, Distillery of Modern Art and Clinton Dugan, Shortbarrel Bourbon

Join us this Friday for a panel discussion featuring Seth Watson of Distillery of Modern Art and Clinton Dugan of Shortbarrel Bourbon – both have donated whiskeys for our Second Annual Whiskey Raffle. Our own Dave Burr will moderate the discussion. You can join live at LeMeridien or via Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89796844807

As the founder of Distillery of Modern Art (DOMA), Seth Watson has an interesting background. He graduated from University of Florida (according to DOMA’s blog, “funding his education with a series of odd (sometimes really odd!) jobs” and went on to start Track Seven Events – a specialty events company here in Atlanta in 2002. After a very successful 15-year run, Seth sold the business, and started the journey to create an enterprise that would link his event production and operational skills with his passion for the history, chemistry and artistry of making spirits. The result – DOMA.unding his education with a series of odd (sometimes really odd!) jobs

Clinton Dugan is one of the three founders of Shortbarrel Bourbon. All three have full-time jobs outside Shortbarrel. Clinton works in marketing with his own business – in his Linked In profile, he says he’s touched more than 700 websites during his career.  He left Ohio in 2013 to escape the snowy north. The three Shortbarrel founders focus on finding good bourbon, “putting our name on it and getting it to you for a fair price.”

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
September 28, 2022