Bylaws Update
Update to Young Professional Membership Category Approved

The Club has approved an amendment to our bylaws related to the terms of membership for our Young Professional Active Members. The vote passed 36-4 (we needed at least 37 votes in total to meet quorum requirements). The change adds a $200 admission fee for new Young Professionals (YP) and set their dues at $200 for a quarter for the first year, or until age 35, whichever comes first. Current YP members will be grandfathered; the change will apply to new YP members inducted July 1, 2019 and after.

Just as a reminder, we created the YP category a few years ago to see if offering significantly lower dues to this age group would grow our membership. The strategy did not work and has had a negative impact on our budget.

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
August 14, 2019


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