Helping Victims of Hurricane Dorian
Join Bob Freeman's Efforts to Help Bahama Hurricane Victims

When our own Bob Freeman read about District 6900's approach to disaster relief, he planned a 100-mile bike ride and asked friends and Dunwoody Rotarians to pledge their support. He has raised more than $1,500 through a Go Fund Me account. You can still contribute online - Bob hopes to raise $5,000.

The district team has met and talked with both FODAC – CEO and Rotarian Chris Brand and MAP International – CEO and Rotarian Steve Stirling.Please check their websites for information about these organizations. You are encouraged to donate to the District 6900 Charitable Fund as we raise money to support both of these Georgia organization’s efforts to assist victims of Dorian. YOU MAY DONATED DIRECTLY ON THE DISTRICT WEBSITE BY CLICKING ON THE DISASTER RELIEF CONTRIBUTION button at the top of the web page.This will allow you to use your credit card or PayPal to contribute any amount.You will receive an email reply thanking you for your donation to our 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

FODAC is providing donated medical supplies and equipment but they need money to pay packing and shipping cost. We will receive feedback from FODAC telling us how our money is being spent, and information about where our shipments are going and who the end user of the supplies is.Chris Brand, Past President of the Rotary Club of Stone Mountain has told us he is available for Rotary Club Programs or “pre-programs” of five minutes to tell us about their efforts in the Dorian Disaster relief effort. Contact Chris through the FODAC website.

Steve Sterling, MAP International, is a Rotarian in the Atlanta Rotary Club. MAP International is providing medical packs of medicines approved by the World Health Organization for disaster areas - IEHK (Interagency Emergency Health Kit).These packs cost $15,000.Additionally, MAP provides for other needs including water filters for families using the Sawyer 5-gallon bucket filters – these cost $10 each. Further, they provide Uzima backpack water kits that hold several gallons of water and have a filter built in – these cost $35.During the past weeks since Dorian, MAP International has provided 884 filters to the Bahamas. MAP International is also available for Rotary Club programs. Please contact MAP through its website.

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
September 18, 2019