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Becoming a Rotary Youth Exchange Volunteer ... Just a Few Clicks Away

Several people asked for the link to the application to become a Rotary Certified Youth Volunteer - a great qualification to add to your Rotary resume!  Here is the link you need to get started: Rotary Certified Youth Volunteer application.

Becoming a Rotary Certified Youth Volunteer is free, and takes about one hour of your time, including the application/affidavit, confidential criminal background check authorization, and two short online training courses on Youth Protection Awareness and Volunteering for Rotary Youth Programs. Once you become a certified youth volunteer with Rotary Youth Exchange, you are qualified to do volunteer work with all three of Rotary’s official programs for youth (Interact, RYLA, and Rotary Youth Exchange), and you are better prepared to work with external third-party youth programs, such as Laws of Life, Scouting, Special Olympics, etc.  Getting our volunteers certified to work with youth programs also helps keep our RI liability insurance in good standing, and of course makes you serve as a good role model for other Rotarians. 

If you have any questions about the Certified Youth Volunteer application process, or about the Rotary Youth Exchange scholarship program in general, please reach out to Deb Cameron, our club’s Youth Exchange Officer, or to me.  And remember that Deb is looking for a Rotarian or non-Rotarian family who lives in the Dunwoody High School attendance zone, and who may be interested in serving as second host family (December - March) for Camille, our 16-year-old inbound exchange student from Belgium. If you know of a family that may be interested in this extraordinary, life-changing experience, please contact Deb Cameron.

Posted by Mike Parks
July 20, 2022