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Club Calendar

February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

2/17 Regular Meeting
3/3 Regular Meeting
3/10 Zenith Houston - Posse Atlanta
3/17 Regular Meeting

Our Rotary Family

2/2 Bishwa Angdembe
2/3 John Carr
2/4 Laura Kann
2/4 Geoff Roper
2/7 Buzz Law
2/10 Eleni Bafas
2/18 Chris Smith
2/26 Bill Koss
2/27 Bob O'Brien


2/14 Erich Schuetz
2/7 Yvonne Williams

Rotary Online



Fridays, 7:15 am
The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North H
7 Concourse Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30328

Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs April 25, 1984
Active Membership: 94 FacebookTwitter


President Tina Philpot
President-Elect Rick Otness
Secretary Cathie Brumfield
Treasurer Larry Domenico

This Week's Speaker: Chief Billy Grogan

Chief of Dunwoody Police, and Dunwoody Rotarian

The Dunwoody Police Department recently recognized 13 members of the department for their outstanding achievements in 2016. Chief Billy Grogan said, “Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the citizens in our community and our award recipients reflect that dedication."

This week's meeting will be dedicated to recognizing not only those who received awards, but also to Chief Billy and his outstanding team whose excellence is deeply appreciated by all in the City of Dunwoody and beyond.

Trivia Challenge

RCD Trivia Question of the Week:

Who in our club was given the "Follow Me" Award and what is it?

Email eleni.bafas@gmail.com with the correct answer! The FIRST to email me with the CORRECT answer will have the automatic opportunity to draw a card for a chance to win the Laws of Life drawing during this week's meeting!

The correct answer and trivia winner will be announced during the meeting. This new trivia challenge will continue each week, so be sure to keep checking the bulletin for the latest trivia question.

Thank you to everyone who made this trivia challenge possible, including Dottie Toney, Bill Mulkey and Tina Philpot, and for YOU for participating! We hope that you enjoy the challenge and learn more about Rotary and our Club in the process!

2017 GB is fast approaching

Time to get ready for the 2017 Governor's Ball!

Just a couple of quick appeals:

  • Invite your friends
    • Tickets are $125 per guest ($250 per couple). Please invite people who will also donate at the event, because that is how the Club raises money to do good works.
    • Printed invitations are available from Lorri Christopher (lorri504@gmail.com )
  • We still need gifts to auction
    • If anyone has a million or more frequent flyer points, please consider donating 100,000 points to the Governors Ball. Contact Rick Woods for details at sdoowrm@gmail.com
    • If you know someone that owns a company, ask them for a corporate gift to be auctioned off at the event
      • They can claim the full retail value of the gift on their corporation's taxes
      • Get great exposure for their company's product, while helping the Club's efforts to do good works.
        • Example is 3 Bedroom makeover being donated by one member's golfing buddy. The member had the "connection" and most importantly, he asked.
  • Plan to drive safely the night of the Ball
    • $94 rooms ($112.16 with all taxes) are available at the Westin for the night of the Ball but must be reserved before 5 PM on 02/14/17. When the Ball is done, take an elevator to your room and get a good night's sleep. Awake refreshed and head home in daylight. You can reserve a room by visiting Westin's secure website using this link https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/GCQQ1H1Al
  • We still need volunteers.
  • Go to the volunteer site by clicking here to sign up for specific activities leading up to the Ball

GB Menu Selections Explained

Rotarians and your guests, please note this expansion of the information on the menu selection card before returning it to Michelle Annett:

1) Beef: Marinated filet of beef tenderloin with roasted shallots in aged port reduction with gratin potatoes


2) Fish: Seared scallops and shrimp with asparagus, tomato and lemon-scented fingerling potatoes


3) Vegetarian Plate

Your choice is served with house salad with shredded carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers, chef’s choice of dressings; bread and butter; chef’s dessert selection; freshly brewed Starbucks’ coffee, and an assortment of Tazo herbal teas. There is also an open bar, of course.

Thanks To The “Gold Sponsors” Of The 23rd Annual Governor’s Ball “Wish Upon A Star”

Each year, the Rotary Club of Dunwoody funds its charitable activities by way of two annual events, our Governor’s Ball being one of the events. The 2016 Governor’s Ball had net revenues of $47,453. Our 2016 “Gold Sponsors” helped our club do some very special activities in the local, national, and international community. We want you to express your appreciation to these generous sponsors.

Gold Sponsors

John & Jacquelyne Carr

Bill & Les Woulfin

Robert W. “Buzz” Law -- Creative Financial Group

Chris Gutschenritter -- Ashford Financial

2017 State of the City: March 9, 2017

The 2017 State of the City for Dunwoody has been set for Thursday, March 9th, 2017 from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

As in the previous State of the City, The Dunwoody Rotary Club has volunteered to assist the City of Dunwoody in running the event. For our help, the Dunwoody Rotary Club will be able to keep 100% of funds above the costs to run the event.

We need your help in the following ways:

1. Setting up the event and checking people in the day of the event Thursday, March 9th. This is the area we need the most help, and we'll start about four hours before the event.

2. Assisting with getting sponsors to donate or provide gifts to put in the 250 gift bags.

3. Assisting the City of Dunwoody with filling the gift bags either the night before the event (Wednesday, March 8th), or the day of the event (Thursday, March 9th).

Dunwoody Rotarian Tom Lashway has volunteered to be the Chair for Rotary this year, but needs your help in making this event go smoothly.

Contact Tom Lashway if you can help with any of the above efforts or if you have any questions.

A Good Day at Monroe Park

PDG Robert Hall, PP Jennie Stipick, PP Fred Brandt, Hoshi Daruwalla, and Fred Bounds did a spruce up at Monroe Park last Saturday 2/4/17. They swept the perimeter and did a major pruning job on the bushes along Chamblee Dunwoody Road. Those bushes had not ever been actually pruned, just snipped and clipped. Ranger Fred was concerned that they were blocking the line of sight for motorists turning right on red from Ashford Center Parkway onto Chamblee Dunwoody. Those bushes once brawny, massive and haughty, now squat low to the ground in all their naked glory. Don’t shed a tear for those fellows, they may look forlorn now but will soon be sporting shoots of green and talking plant smack to yours truly.

It took us 12 person hours to do a proper prune job on that hedge. Twenty paper yard trash bags festoon the sidewalk on the north end of the park, waiting to be picked up by Dunwoody Public Works.

We need to revisit the park soon to do the same thing to the bushes on the south edge of the park, along Ashford Center Parkway. I am hoping to get the “regular Sprucetarians” back out there two Saturdays hence, February 18. We’d like to see some National Guard “weekend warriors” come out; anybody bringing a gas powered hedge trimmer will receive an immediate battle park promotion to Hedgebuster, earning the privilege of using and being addressed by that title, and further, receiving all the honors and privileges appertaining thereunto.

Call for Volunteers for Monroe Park


Executive Summary: Looking for volunteers for Monroe Park duty Saturday February 18 at 9:00 a.m.

Discussion: Hedgebuster Part Deux at Monroe Park is coming Saturday February 18 at 9:00 a.m. Last Saturday we got the bushes on the east side, parallel to Chamblee Dunwoody Road pruned way back. Saturday after next we’re doing the (prickly) hedge on the south side, parallel to Ashford Center Parkway. With the gas powered hedge trimmer I rented from Home Depot, and able help from PRID Robert Hall, ADG Jennie Stipick, PP Fred Brandt, and Man About Town Hoshi Daruwalla we got Part One done in 12 person hours. I’d like to break that record this time. How Ranger Fred, get everyone to work harder? No, everybody there worked very hard, and were very productive, even Hoshi.

No, this time I would like for us to have TWO gas powered hedge trimmers. I can rent one from Home Depot again and let’s get someone else to bring theirs. We’ll have to be very careful; this work is more dangerous than the usual routine because the clippers can easily remove a finger or sever an artery. And the operators will be working on the hedge with their back to the traffic coming straight across the intersection from Womack, and the cars turning left off Chamblee Dunwoody Road. So we will need at least one traffic spotter who can watch for oncoming cars and direct them to give us a little more room. To do an effective job we need two trimmer operators, two paper yard trash bag stuffers, one perimeter sweeper, and one traffic spotter. Everyone is free to volunteer for the duty of their choice. I will say that last Saturday Hoshi showed a particularly keen aptitude for getting motor vehicles to slow down during their approach. (And it appears that he didn’t know that we had placed a target on this back.)

Fellow Rotarians, many of you have remained on the sidelines when I have called for volunteers to meet at Monroe Park to do a periodic spruce up. And many of you have excellent reasons, don’t like to garden, don’t enjoy being cold or sweaty hot, have something better to do on Saturday morning.

But what about the rest of you? Do you look at us and say that’s a cool, close-knit group, there’s no way I would fit in with those fine fellows and ladies? They also seem a little proud. And does the group emit, however slight, a whiff of superiority? Horse feathers! We are close-knit, because we do something fun and cool together, and get to see instant results from our efforts. Yes, we are proud, I mean look at what we do! The whiff of superiority you think you may sense is really more like the clean cut aroma you smell after mopping your kitchen floor with Pine Sol.

Request for Action: So what am I saying? Come Join Us. Anybody and everybody are welcome. You can come late (like Hoshi) and leave early (like Hoshi). Once you join us, it’s like the Marines, there is no such thing as an Ex-Sprucetarian.

The Few, the Proud, the Sprucetarians!

Monroe Park is a traffic island across Chamblee Dunwoody Road from the Dunwoody Branch library. Named after the Dunwoody Rotarian, Monroe Brock, who began the beautification project there some 20 years ago.

Missed Meeting Make-Up Information

Make-Up a Missed Meeting <> Visit an E-Club!!!

Please help the Rotary Club of Dunwoody lead District 6900 in attendance average!

Rotary International has approved the request of 27 clubs to form with virtual or electronic locations. A visit to one of these E-CLUBS may satisfy a club member's make-up requirement, if this online visit counts. Also read "E-CLUBS forge new path for Rotary," a Web-exclusive feature story at www.rotary.org about Rotary E-CLUBS.









http://www.rotaryeclubzante.gr (Greek and English)



Trivia Challenge

In 2010 -2011 the “Follow Me” Award” was presented to AG Kathleen G. Brandt. This award is given to the Assistant Governor who shows the best organizational skills and leadership abilities in dealing with their Clubs.

Atlanta Rotaract

Do you know a young professional (ages 21-30) that:

This could be your child, your grandchild, your neighbor, your co-worker or employee. The Rotaract Club of Atlanta would welcome an opportunity to have them visit one of our meetings.

For more info, please visit www.atlantarotaract.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Meetup.

Dunwoody Rotary members are always invited to attend Rotaract events and meetings! Please visit www.atlantarotaract.com for information on upcoming meetings and events, including the time and place.

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