From Our Club President
Tis the Season for Making a Difference

Dunwoody Rotarians,

Thanks to all of you for the work we are doing - and about to do - to make a difference for each other and our community. Several of us gathered last weekend to help with garden maintenance at the Mulkeys, and you'll see from this bulletin that there are many opportunities for each of us to be as active as we would like in service opportunities. Think about joining in where you can - even if it is buying Toys for Tots or oatmeal for the Kingsley families from your home. And let us know if you - or people you know in the community - are in need of help.

I am feeling good about the direction we're headed and hope to see you at many of these events. And of course on Friday ... whether you join in person or via Zoom. The Zoom link is

I appreciate each and every one of you.

President Ardy  

Posted by Ardy Bastien
October 21, 2020


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