Thank You!
For Serving ... and Reporting the Time You Invested

Thanks to all members who responded in a timely manner to allow the Club to log their various participation in Rotary activities. We heard back from 14 Rotarians and identified 11 activities that hadn't been recorded. As a result we will be better able to demonstrate the actual value that we have achieved from our members' wide ranging efforts.

When we add the 204 hours you reported to  the 414 hours that had already been documented on the Club's Google Participation Spreadsheet, we have more than 600 hours of service this Rotary year - all as we locked up for the pandemic. And we still have three months to go in this Rotary year.

Please continue your efforts to make Rotary an effective partner in our community and the world at large. Well done.

Posted by Rick Otness
March 31, 2021


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