World Polio Day

On October 24 the Rotary Clubs of Buckhead, Atlanta and Decatur hosted World Polio at the CDC. Rick Woods, Jessie Legros, Robert Hall, Gary Lane and Roy Wise from our club attended. We toured the CDC Museum, socialized with other Rotarians, and watched a live, 45 minute streaming presentation from the College of Physicians in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The presentation was hosted by actress Ashleigh Banfield and MSNBC commentator Alex Witt. The effort to eradicate Polio has been the largest public/private campaign in history. It was 30 years ago that the campaign began at the International Rotary Convention in Philadelphia. And now, the world is close, very close, to being polio free. Please see the video at for the full presentation. It's informative and powerful.

Rick Woods

Posted by Tania Lopez
October 30, 2018


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